Sunday, January 23, 2011

But I know the heart of life is good.

Man, a lot happened over the weekend. As you all know, I had my beloved snowday on Friday, making last week a 3 day work week. I also had the chance to go to yoga and then for a run at the gym that day. While on the treadmill though, I was totally hitting my stride when I felt a pinch on my butt. I screamed and scared everyone around me.

It was Megan. Silly girl.

I had to walk for a few minutes after that because I was so thrown off, but eventually was able to get in a good 4 mile run. We chatted for a while on the machines but I had to sprint off because I was meeting some of my besties for dinner at Rudys in Somerville. We dined on Margarita's (traditional with lime juice, on the rocks, and salt) and I decided to have whatever I wanted that evening. Boy did I. We started with black bean nachos, and ended with two desserts to share between the five of us. Can you say....fried ice cream and chocolate deliciousness? Go ahead, say it. Because we ate it. In between, I went with a crabmeat quesadilla, which is very unusual for me, but I always get the taco salad without the shell and I just didn't want to eat that again. The girls and I sat around for 3 hours (!) and chatted away the evening.

I got home around 10 and after conversing with a few people on the interneto, headed to bed knowing full well that I had no desire to check out Crossfit the next morning at 10. I wound up emailing the guy I had scheduled my session with, saying that I wasn't able to make it, but hopefully we could schedule a time for the future. I think I have just been going a mile a minute and needed a morning to myself. I should also keep focused on the classes that I've already paid for. With that being said, I invited Olivia over (because her heat was off) to come to yoga with me. She happily obliged and drove into the city to first go with me to pick up a yoga mat and bag. Look look!

Are you surprised its pink? Because I'm notttt. Anyway, so Olivia and I had a wee bit of a snack for lunch (I had cottage cheese and almonds) and headed to our session that lasted about an hour and kicked my hips' butts, because we focused on hips that day. Wow, again. I am just so inflexible. Its incredible to me that I can even move my legs because every part of me is just so tight. We left our yoga lovetimes feeling incredibly relaxed and stretched, but also significantly challenged by the workout. I didn't get a run in because I instead needed to get a bang trim, as you can tell by the Rudy's pictures.

Once we got back to my apartment, Olivia hugged me goodbye and I started to get ready for Steph's company holiday party at the New England Aquarium, while simultaneously watching Teen Mom 2, my absolute guiltiest pleasure besides Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Jersey Shore. Let me just share the highlights with you from that evening, because not only was it an open bar on all levels of the aquarium, they served hors d'oeuvres that we enjoyed immensely.

I know a ton of Steph's coworkers from having been a date to so many of her company outings, and because during school breaks (and my birthday every year!), I travel downtown to grab lunch with her. I usually wind up staying for hours talking to her boss, Ken, and chatting with a lot of her coworkers. Winter Wyman and Co. is the best company, EVER! I followed Steph around as she talked to everyone, and their mother, and their wife, and I pretended (not really) that I was the company spokesperson, because I basically just kept high fiving the CEO in my brain.

After some awkward moments, and Ken telling me he could get me into the opening of Remy's on the Waterfront, we then wandered over to Rumba at the Intercontinental Hotel. I was able to get to know many new faces and caught up with all the familiar faces from previous excursions. Steph's coworkers hung out for a while but we suddenly realized that there were only 4 of us left at the bar. At this time, Steph announced that she was hungry and we made a plan to cab it to Chinatown for cold tea and snacks. However, after chatting up the doorman (and giving out really great hugs) we were able to score a ride in the hotel's SUV with a hotel driver. He instead took us to South Street Diner, where I sucked down a lot of water and didn't really even feel like eating. We took a cab back to southie after almost hitting all the zombies that fall out of bars at 2 a.m., and divulged our text regrets from that evening. Aahaha, who cares. Its awesome. Steph said it best (during our conversation about looking back on these memories) by proclaiming, "Remember when we were in our 20's...". We will seriously look back on the ups, downs, accomplishments, and embarrassments with fondness; knowing full well that we have lived our 20's the best way we knew how. Seriously, think of everything we all have accomplished and maybe couldn't have if we were in different circumstances. I mean, I'm training for a marathon! I've graduated from grad school, I have a good job, I'm going to Italy in a few weeks, I've been to Vegas, I've hiked mountains, I've been able to snowboard on the weekends, I can run by the ocean everyday, I live in an amazing city, and I keep an active, healthy, and balanced life with amazing friends and family.

What a night! I have taken the liberty to be relaxed today, but feel a little bit of guilt about not making my way to the gym. I don't like that feeling, because when I start to feel stressed out about when and how long I'm at the gym then I start becoming obsessed. Not ok. I guess right now I'll just recover knowing full well that weekends like this are well deserved but obviously not ones I participate in every weekend (anymore hahaah). Wellllll maybe I'll head there after Megan has now convinced me to grab a late lunch with her at telegraph hill, a new bar/restaurant in southie. Its owned by the people that own everything (Joshua Tree, Tavern on the Square, Atlantic Beer Garden, Brighton Beer Garden, Boston Beer Garden, Playwright, and Whiskey Priest. Yep).

ALSO, I'm going to a team in training meeting next saturday. I will definitely have to keep you posted on that, because if I can pledge to raise enough money, they'll train me for the marathon for free AND pay for my flight and hotel out in San Diego. Keep your eyes open for my emails and facebook notifications asking for donations!

FYI-Real marathon training starts in a little over a week (thanks to my Italy trip in the middle of February that throws off my training a wee bit!, meaning I have to start a little earlier than most training plans). So much to look forward to! AND THANK YOU stephanie for bringing me out last night! We are weekend warriors.

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  1. We can run in Italy!! I will stop before you, but still. :)



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