Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Its official: Red Wine is essential to your health!

Well, let me explain.  I just read through Dr. Oz's article in Time Magazine (BF has a subscription) entitled "What to Eat Now: Uncovering the Myths About Food".


I would just like to note one of the most important lines from this article which states, "Still, you should drink some red wine every day: it has relatively few calories and induces milder hangovers than other sources of alcohol, and it is thought to raise good cholesterol and reduce the bad kind, as well as protect arteries against cholesterol-related damage.  Red wine is also usually consumed in the company of others, so it encourages human connection, a very powerful factor in maintaining health." However, Dr. Oz doesn't suggest turning into a boozebag.  Its all about moderation.

(photo courtesy of my Italy trip and MC photography)

But seriously, the article does shed some light into food myths that I have read about over the years.  Whole milk is good, but in moderation.  Why?  Because when you take out the fat in milk, you are left with too many natural sugars that act like insulin.  Calcium and fats from dairy are used to bind with fat being processed in your stomach, thus lowering the absorption.  Moreover, there were no differences among children's weights when they consumed skim, 1%, or whole milk.

The same can be said about low-fat foods or no fat foods that we've seen on the market over the last several years.  I, at one time, subscribed to these beliefs because I thought that they would help me lose weight.  In fact, I think I saw myself gain weight at this time!  Why?  Again, when you take the fat out of food (that's naturally processed) you then increase other things like sugars and carbs (which ultimately break down into sugar).  These foods also leave you feeling less full and you wind up eating more calories than you had hoped.

Basically, this is information many of us have known for years and what I'm excited to report I have already established as my Munching Mantra, which is that you can eat what you want, but in moderation.  Stick to the vegetables, fruits, meats, carbs, and fats, but do it all in moderation.  You CAN have too many fruits and diabetics know this well.  You CAN have too much meat, as is seen in higher cholesterol counts.  You CAN have too many vegetab... well, if you have a lot of broccoli you have a lot of gas.  I don't think having a TON of vegetables will ever be bad for your cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, etc.  But still, remember that your Munching Mantra should include Moderation (and alliteration for all of you nerds out there).

(Spinach is often seen in my meals)

Atkins got squashed because your glycogen stores become too low.  The same was said for the Paleo Diet as Dr. Oz suggested that many grains help to fight cancers, and most paleolithic people lived only until the age of 40. You might have a sick body, but you'll be dead.

Ok, that might have been a tad exaggerated.

Dr. Oz was also sure to mention that people are different.  A small percentage of people cannot tolerate sodium in their diets, thus they must be mindful of what they eat.  The same goes for those individuals with Celiac disease or other intestinal diseases that affect the absorption of grains and carbs.  But instead of taking out that group of food altogether (you need Salt for your heart to beat) try products like quinoa and chia for those with Celiac or yogurt, kefir, cheese, and other fermented dairy products for those with a lactose intolerance.

(a bowl full of cottage cheese, strawberries, and chia)

Moreover, Dr. Oz discusses the balance between diet and exercise.  The old philosophy is true, in that calories in must equal calories out to maintain your weight (calories in less than calories out means weight loss, and the vice versa leads to weight gain).   However, new research suggests that its not just how many calories are found in the foods you eat, but the types of food you eat.

Foods that added pounds:  No surprises here.... French Fries, Potato chips, sugary drinks, meats, sweets, and refined grains.  The foods most associated with losing weight: yogurt, nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.  And although there might not be the superfoods still yet to be discovered, we know that berries and broccoli are our best friends.

Dr. Oz also discussed, in depth, about supplements and vitamins but all I could really pull from that was that each person has a specific vitamin regiment that you should use based on diet, sun exposure, exercise habits, and alcohol intake.  Then you go somewhere fancy and they give you their fancy idea of what you should be taking and when.  However, when Dr. Oz began to follow his new routine of vitamins and nutraceuticals, he noticed a significant weight gain thanks in part due to people's psychology; basically, what you can't have you want, and you make poorer choices when you think you are invincible.

Sure you could go organic, but you could also go to ye old supermarket and stick with fresh meats, veggies, fruits, whole wheat and multigrain breads, nuts, olive oils, and dairy products.  Just the basics, with some dark chocolate and red wine to boot.  Oh, and moderation is your Munching Mantra, remember that.

All in all, eat well, eat mindfully, don't deny yourself, but remember to stick with the basics!

Oh yea, and go to Living Social where you can spend $10 to get $20 worth of food at Whole Foods!

Madcon - I'm Begging

Monday, September 12, 2011

Did you miss me, fuelbelt?

Listen.  I ain't no fool.  I know that six miles doesn't require a fuelbelt.  But, like I said.  I ain't no fool.  I know myself and the temperature and I knew that my six mile walk/run fail would have never gotten off the ground without some sun protection and hydration.  Come on September. (And by the way, there was NO way it was cloudy.)

Ooo reflectors!
After gearing up, I headed out the door for the longest long run I have run in two months. 31, err 6 miles.

Yup, you heard me correctly, I haven't run more than 6 miles at a time in 2 months.  Heck, I probably haven't run 6 miles in a week in the last month.  I told you I was on an emotional injury fueled by summer and love. hahah.  I know its bad, but guess what. I got out there and I'm proud of myself.

Well, half disappointed, half proud.  I'm glad I tackled it, I'm sad that I had to take it at a run/walk formation lasting about 60 minutes.  Sure when I ran was fast, but when I walked, it really balanced out those averages. And I walked a lot. Pffft.

I keep trying to tell myself that it doesn't matter to anyone else but me, but I know you readers; I know you well.  You love fast and you love furious.  So I vow to you, that I will get myself back in this game.  I don't want to look like this anymore after the 5 mile mark...

And props to all my readers that have recently messaged me about their injuries. You are all champs.  This runs for you.
My goal is to get in 20 miles this week.  That's running 5 miles, 4 times, or a combination of a million things, like running 14 miles my next run, or like... 6 today then 6, then 6, then 2.  But 20 it is for week 1 back into running. I don't want injuries, I don't want a superstar run schedule, I just want to balance my brain and my body.

Can you help me reach my goal by sending a little motivation my way?  Pwease?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unusual-Trey Songz Ft. Drake(

Friday, September 9, 2011

This little piggy went for a run

I am simply implying that I've not been a red sox runner, after all.  Fan or runner.  Back in the day I was running 30 miles a week (thanks to marathon training) and now I'm just barely running ten.
That might shock some of you, but I've enjoyed the time off.  So let me take you back to the start.

Or this morning.

Anyway, I realize I have been a bum all summer and I was debating on blogging about this topic because I was somewhat embarrassed that I went from running like this...

Happy Lauren on a treadmill...
to this.

Moreover, I was amazed at who really cared...or actually, why I thought that the blogging community actually cared if I decided to take the summer off from running.  Its really the only group of people that I fear would have judged me.

That was until I read a post about "why blogging could be bad for your health, or at least your sanity" at Health, Happiness, and Skinny Jeans. 

So Samantha basically made me feel better for taking the last couple of months off from not only blogging, but from training and running in general.  Honestly, after that marathon, my tank was full...but full of tiredness.

It was a tough, tough year at school and with all that running, and training, and thinking, and fitness, i felt drained.  Not to mention I was traveling all over and developing relationships, which I found to be much more important to my life than telling you what I ate and how I ran.

Although I secretly enjoyed the five pound weight loss this summer from eating nachos everyday, and only using kayaking and camping as forms of exercise, I realized things had taken a turn for the worst when 1. I became winded when walking up a hill which is something I used to pride myself in...as I NEVER got winded.  And 2. School started again and I need to feel sane.  I also need the energy back from the lack of sleep and the headaches that ensue after a long day of school psychologizing.

So tonight, I was back with a 3.5 mile run and it was glorious.  Well, half glorious as I also noticed that my lung capacity was null and void.

I will say though, I did miss seeing these views on my runs around the Harbor walk.

Boston, you're my home.  And if you've ever been to a win of a Sox game, you get to hear that as you're dancing in the bleachers.

Welcome back to running!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Want to make mojitos at home?

You can!!! Its so simple!

Let me tell you how... You are going to need...

1. A muddler. A muddler is this metal stick thing with rubber on the bottom.  I just looked up its definition on dictionary.com and apparently its also a person who creates muddles aka a disorganized way of thinking.  It is also a type of fly used in trout fishing.

Neither of those are correct. Its a bartender's tool used to muddle, or pestle, or mash fruits, herbs, or spices in order to release their flavor.

In this case you need a muddler to release the Mint.

2. So ok. You need a muddler, ice, and fresh mint. Got it. Put them together and muddle.  Honestly the muddling is the best and most exciting part.

3. Add Lime juice.  We decided to go the lime juice in a jar route.  You could do fresh lime juice.  Our recipe suggested using two teaspoons, although I'm sure you could lime it up to taste. 

4.  Add the mixer, which...is Rum. Pure unadulterated rum. No spice please.  Just a shot for the nice girls. 

5. Add the sugar and spice.  Except not the spice.  Just the sugar.  Or simple syrup, or melt sugar to make a simple syrup. or splenda.  I used splenda to taste.  BF used sugar.  2 tablespoons of sugar, or sugar to taste.  Go hog wild.  Its easy to just mix and go.

6. And finally, add your club soda...as much as you please.  Tall glasses stacked with ice are preferred over wine glasses and no ice because you forgot to fill your ice tray before trying to make-your-own mojitos.  Oops. 

7. Repeat. As often as necessary.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dinner din din Dinner

I love being a busy bee. It sometimes drives me crazy, interferes with all things running, and makes it difficult for me to take care of myself and get some alone time.  However, I couldn't imagine a life that doesn't consist of running myself ragged in the beautiful New England area.

After an...interesting...first day of school, I went out to meet some of my closest friends for dinner at the Russell House.  I'm not really sure why the first several posts of my return voyage all have to do with food, and less so about running, but at the moment...all is quiet on the western front in that world.  Sure I'm training for two halves, but I figured nothing was that super interesting to blog about. Like, blah blah blah I worked and then ran a few miles.  When something interesting happens in the world of red sox and running, I'll be sure to report the breaking news.

For the time being, I'm going to write about my experience at the Russell House in Harvard Square.  

Russell House.  You were awesome.  First off, all of your food is like, super organic like, grass fed, beef heart loving, oyster shooter dancing, delicious.  Your bar was beautiful.

 I started my night off with a little bit of a cocktail called the British Bee which consisted of Oxley Gin, Domaine de Canton (Don't ask me what that is but I'm already on the fancy pants list because I ordered it), Lemon, Honey Simple, and sparkling wine.

Then, I gots myself a nice oyster shooter.  Just because they make me feel as fancy as Domaine de Canton.  

Mmm drink that up, right before I dove into only half of my flatbread pizza.  I might need to mention that I've consumed flatbread pizza three out of the last four days.  Once at Stats, once with bf making grilled pizza (a post soon to be born) and then here.  I can't describe this pizza either because the website doesn't have it listed, just know that it consisted of cheese, clams, flat bread, garlic, and olive oil.

Bring on dessert. which is also not listed on the menu.  It was chocolate and cakey and strawberry-y.  We "split" it between five of us which really just consisted of everyone else taking A bit and me eating the rest.

(eat me)

After a few good laughs, some tall tales, and three hours of chatting, we scooted our way out the door to begin a new day of running, red sox, and eating.  Oh and probably about a million bajillion frustrating stupid things too. Oh and the best boyfriend ever, who brings you flowers.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How to make the most ridiculously unhealthy dessert, ever.

Dear friends,
   A few of you are able to see that I've been up, down, and all around...as I post on all that is holy on facebook.  However, if you only follow me through the blog, you might have gone and assumed I died, which is very accurate.  Alas, tomorrow begins the first day of school and my summer of adventures comes to end.

Luckily, I was able to get in a Red Sox game before the end, thanks to Baby Snake and her boyfriend (aka the best seats ever in the State Street box).

Now onto the most ridiculously unhealthy dessert ever...and I don't care.  Sometimes life deserves a little ridiculously unhealthy food once in a while.  Don't get your panties all in a bunch there, Jillian Michaels.

Ok, so while I was babysitting, Boo Bear and I decided to make...drum roll please.. the Keebler Ready Crust Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Recipe.  Ridiculous.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 8


  • 12 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • 2 drops green food coloring (optional)
  • 2 eggs
  • 3/4 cup miniature semi-sweet chocolate morsels
  • 1 Keebler® Ready Crust® Chocolate Pie Crust
  • 1/2 cup miniature semi-sweet chocolate morsels
  • 1/3 cup whipping cream
  • Fresh mint leaves (optional)




1. In large mixing bowl beat cream cheese and sugar on medium speed of electric mixer until fluffy. 



2. Beat in peppermint extract and food coloring, if desired. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing until just combined after each addition. Fold in 3/4 cup chocolate morsels.



3. Place crust on baking sheet. Pour in cream cheese mixture. Bake at 325°F about 35 minutes or until almost set. Cool on wire rack for 1 hour.



4. Meanwhile, in small saucepan combine 1/2 cup chocolate morsels and whipping cream. Cook and stir over low heat until smooth. Spread over cheesecake. Refrigerate at least 2 hours.



4. Garnish with mint leaves, if desired. Store in refrigerator.




Finally, bring to your friend's house for a bbq, and EAT IT while wearing matching twinsie shirts with your boyfriend.  

Happy Labor Day, y'all! 


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