Friday, September 9, 2011

This little piggy went for a run

I am simply implying that I've not been a red sox runner, after all.  Fan or runner.  Back in the day I was running 30 miles a week (thanks to marathon training) and now I'm just barely running ten.
That might shock some of you, but I've enjoyed the time off.  So let me take you back to the start.

Or this morning.

Anyway, I realize I have been a bum all summer and I was debating on blogging about this topic because I was somewhat embarrassed that I went from running like this...

Happy Lauren on a treadmill...
to this.

Moreover, I was amazed at who really cared...or actually, why I thought that the blogging community actually cared if I decided to take the summer off from running.  Its really the only group of people that I fear would have judged me.

That was until I read a post about "why blogging could be bad for your health, or at least your sanity" at Health, Happiness, and Skinny Jeans. 

So Samantha basically made me feel better for taking the last couple of months off from not only blogging, but from training and running in general.  Honestly, after that marathon, my tank was full...but full of tiredness.

It was a tough, tough year at school and with all that running, and training, and thinking, and fitness, i felt drained.  Not to mention I was traveling all over and developing relationships, which I found to be much more important to my life than telling you what I ate and how I ran.

Although I secretly enjoyed the five pound weight loss this summer from eating nachos everyday, and only using kayaking and camping as forms of exercise, I realized things had taken a turn for the worst when 1. I became winded when walking up a hill which is something I used to pride myself I NEVER got winded.  And 2. School started again and I need to feel sane.  I also need the energy back from the lack of sleep and the headaches that ensue after a long day of school psychologizing.

So tonight, I was back with a 3.5 mile run and it was glorious.  Well, half glorious as I also noticed that my lung capacity was null and void.

I will say though, I did miss seeing these views on my runs around the Harbor walk.

Boston, you're my home.  And if you've ever been to a win of a Sox game, you get to hear that as you're dancing in the bleachers.

Welcome back to running!


  1. Glad you had a nice run getting back into it. Those views are incredible!

  2. Didn't even know you had taken a time out...
    I've been 11 days without running and it's killing me!!!

  3. Breaks are good! Glad to see you back. Man, those views are insane! I'd never get any running done, because I wouldn't be able to stop staring!

  4. Due to niggling injuries it's three weeks since I last ran. I HOPE the rest is doing me good - physically - but mentally I'm like a bear with a sore bum. Can't wait to get back pounding out the miles and experiencing that glorious feeling you mention.



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