Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Want to make mojitos at home?

You can!!! Its so simple!

Let me tell you how... You are going to need...

1. A muddler. A muddler is this metal stick thing with rubber on the bottom.  I just looked up its definition on and apparently its also a person who creates muddles aka a disorganized way of thinking.  It is also a type of fly used in trout fishing.

Neither of those are correct. Its a bartender's tool used to muddle, or pestle, or mash fruits, herbs, or spices in order to release their flavor.

In this case you need a muddler to release the Mint.

2. So ok. You need a muddler, ice, and fresh mint. Got it. Put them together and muddle.  Honestly the muddling is the best and most exciting part.

3. Add Lime juice.  We decided to go the lime juice in a jar route.  You could do fresh lime juice.  Our recipe suggested using two teaspoons, although I'm sure you could lime it up to taste. 

4.  Add the mixer, Rum. Pure unadulterated rum. No spice please.  Just a shot for the nice girls. 

5. Add the sugar and spice.  Except not the spice.  Just the sugar.  Or simple syrup, or melt sugar to make a simple syrup. or splenda.  I used splenda to taste.  BF used sugar.  2 tablespoons of sugar, or sugar to taste.  Go hog wild.  Its easy to just mix and go.

6. And finally, add your club much as you please.  Tall glasses stacked with ice are preferred over wine glasses and no ice because you forgot to fill your ice tray before trying to make-your-own mojitos.  Oops. 

7. Repeat. As often as necessary.

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  1. OF COURSE you drank it out of a wine glass. Classic.



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