Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dinner din din Dinner

I love being a busy bee. It sometimes drives me crazy, interferes with all things running, and makes it difficult for me to take care of myself and get some alone time.  However, I couldn't imagine a life that doesn't consist of running myself ragged in the beautiful New England area.

After an...interesting...first day of school, I went out to meet some of my closest friends for dinner at the Russell House.  I'm not really sure why the first several posts of my return voyage all have to do with food, and less so about running, but at the moment...all is quiet on the western front in that world.  Sure I'm training for two halves, but I figured nothing was that super interesting to blog about. Like, blah blah blah I worked and then ran a few miles.  When something interesting happens in the world of red sox and running, I'll be sure to report the breaking news.

For the time being, I'm going to write about my experience at the Russell House in Harvard Square.  

Russell House.  You were awesome.  First off, all of your food is like, super organic like, grass fed, beef heart loving, oyster shooter dancing, delicious.  Your bar was beautiful.

 I started my night off with a little bit of a cocktail called the British Bee which consisted of Oxley Gin, Domaine de Canton (Don't ask me what that is but I'm already on the fancy pants list because I ordered it), Lemon, Honey Simple, and sparkling wine.

Then, I gots myself a nice oyster shooter.  Just because they make me feel as fancy as Domaine de Canton.  

Mmm drink that up, right before I dove into only half of my flatbread pizza.  I might need to mention that I've consumed flatbread pizza three out of the last four days.  Once at Stats, once with bf making grilled pizza (a post soon to be born) and then here.  I can't describe this pizza either because the website doesn't have it listed, just know that it consisted of cheese, clams, flat bread, garlic, and olive oil.

Bring on dessert. which is also not listed on the menu.  It was chocolate and cakey and strawberry-y.  We "split" it between five of us which really just consisted of everyone else taking A bit and me eating the rest.

(eat me)

After a few good laughs, some tall tales, and three hours of chatting, we scooted our way out the door to begin a new day of running, red sox, and eating.  Oh and probably about a million bajillion frustrating stupid things too. Oh and the best boyfriend ever, who brings you flowers.


  1. I love all of the pictures, the food looks amazing. And Russell House looks like my kind of place. Love the decor!!

  2. Your photos are AMAZING. They put mine to shame. My post is going up tonight!



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