Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace

Before I delve into the meaning behind the title, I just have to share with you how awful my run felt today.  Tip #1 in running in cold weather: don't forget your base layer, even if it is a heat wave as high as 30 degrees. Tip #2 Don't forget to wear pants with fleece lining or your butt will freeze and fall off like mine did.  Tip #3 If your legs feel like tree trunks, then just embrace it. (Oh, by the way, Fitbit giveaway continues.  Ends 2/3!)
Seriously, my legs felt like they were bricks...or at least a brick/dead body tied to my right ankle.  For some reason I couldn't get my leg to feel lose and light, just frustratingly tight. I decided to continue with the run anyway, because I was naughty and didn't run last night.  (In order to get to 30 miles this week, I have to somehow squeeze in 4 miles either tomorrow/Saturday morning/evening before/after the School Mental Health Conference I'm going to.) At least the view of Spy Pond on the run was a highlight, even if the whole run required me to trick my brain into keeping my body in motion.

On top of Dietbet hosted by Jess from Blonde Ponytail (and seriously, the pot is at $2300 at the moment I'm writing this), I'm in a race to the finish in order to look svelte for my bestie, Jody's wedding.  She is getting married in Tampa next weekend and I have the honor and privilege of being a bridesmaid in her wedding.  I'm doing the best I can to make sure the dress fits with a little room to spare.

I've decided to use Tone it Up's 7 Day Slim Down, although I don't currently subscribe to Tone it Up, nor am I able to stick to the "plan" (as I understand it) to a T.  It basically makes you:

*drink butt tons of water
*cut out most carbs and don't consume any carbs after 4 p.m.
*Don't eat fruit in the afternoon
*Do a morning workout (I can't)
*Drink some kind of crazy concoction consisting of apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon, etc. (no thanks).
*cut out as much salt as possible
*eat 4-5 CLEAN meals a day
*stick to lean meats and clean vegetables for your dinner
*OK really only eat lean meats, veggies, fruits, and lots of egg whites. Everything else is a no go.

The last time I tried out the this 7 Day Slim Down, I think I did a pretty good job and felt confident for my bestie Baby Snake's wedding last August.

And now, the reason I titled my post, "Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace". Four of my best friends from high school came up with the idea or passing around a journal and a necklace in order to document our dating highs and lows throughout our 20's.  Now that we have gracefully (or not so much) entered our 30's, I decided to upgrade the necklace in order for us to use it in the many events we will undoubtedly be a part of in the next several years (i.e., our own weddings, having children, etc.) and I wanted Jody to be the first to be able to wear our traveling necklace during the rehearsal dinner the night before her big day.  I'm so excited to be able to share these moments with them, and am thankful of how we have stayed in touch throughout the years, despite the distance and the difficulties. I'm so excited for you, my dear, dear, friend!

(Necklace by Kate Spade. OH man, its even on sale!!)

Throwback Thursday! Jennifer Lopez - Get Right

Is this song seriously 9-10 years old at this point? Geez.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Diddy Feat. Brandy - Thought You Said

I was OBSESSED with this song back in 2006/2007. It was an amazing album. A throwback a little early. Oh man, I know what I'm listening to on my run tonight. 7 miles and totally kicking it in to this!

Oh yea, and here is the link for the Fitbit Giveaway.  Only 5 days left!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A bundle of nerves

Hey, YOU! 

You didn't enter my giveaway yet, did you?  

Today was a tough day for me.  Really easy at school, left super early because I needed to run some errands, didn't have a ton of work by the grace of God. See, look what I bought at Trader Joe's!! It was a lot of quick and easy foods, because I knew I wouldn't have time to make meals this week.

Regardless, I was a bundle of nerves throughout the day and couldn't shake the feeling. The only thing that helped was that as soon as I got home I literally cried into Chris's shirt (with Chris being in said shirt).  There was ABSOLUTELY no reason for it. Nothing set me off, I just carried this weight in my chest the entire day. Thankfully, that emotional outburst did the trick and I feel better now.

(Oh, you know. Just a little Natalie Dee humor to make the world go round.)

I forced myself to head to the gym and rewarded myself with some TJ's sushi.  I went with Trader Joe's instead of a local sushi place because I had a hankering for raw fish, yet didn't want to indulge in as many calories. Good thinking, Lauren. Anyway, I did a HIIT workout, for everyone's favorite workout of the week: Speed Work Tuesday.  It was pretty much the same cycle as the last few Speed Workout Tuesdays. However, because running felt so difficult for some reason, I broke up my time at the gym into three parts:

HIIT 1. Run at 7.3 mph for 1 mile,
               .5 mile 8.0,
               .5 mile, 7.5,
               .5 mile, 8.1

STOP. Took some time to do a weight circuit, including some kettlebells.

HIIT 2. Run at 7.5 mph for .5 mile,

                         .5 at 8.1 mph,
                         .5 at 7.5 mph,
                         Cool down mile at 7.4, for a total of 5 miles at approximately an 8:00 overall pace.

PHEW!  It took a lot to get me through that workout, but its done.  I honestly can say that knowing that I had committed to the run only yesterday and complaining that I never get in a perfect training week was the motivation I needed to get the job done.

Thank you all for holding me accountable. You rock.

Let's Chat:

Did any of you do Speed work today?

Does the cold weather make your anxiety feel worse?  
Here is an article about how cold weather can increase and worsen symptoms of anxiety in some people. I totally TOTALLY believe it. I bet you anything it has to do with the tightness of the air (from what the article suggests) making it hard to breath and fully expand our lungs, causing those predisposed to anxiety, to feel a little panicky.

And on a lighter note, are any of you allergic to cats? 
I am...can't even touch them. I have to pet my parents' cat with my elbow and/or foot. Dogs for life!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Selena Gomez - Undercover (Audio)

I know I'm so annoying about this Giveaway, but I want you to win! Enter here for a free Fitbit!

LOVED this song on my run today. It helped me to kick in the last half mile.

Monday's Musings

Well first things first, and if you haven't heard of or entered my Fitbit Giveaway yet, then you need to get your butt over there and do so right this second!  Contest ends on 2/3!

Today was your typical Monday morning with that good ol' alarm going off at 5:20.  A funny thing though, I have been so excited about this giveaway that I woke right up and started checking to see who had left comments in the wee hours of the morning.  I was psyched to see 14 of you participate already, given that its my very first giveaway!

Anyway, at school today I was excited to receive my Christmas present from a coworker.  Why yes, it is a month after Christmas but she scrapped the present she originally got me. I was showing her some necklaces I wanted at Baublebar, and then my very good friend went right back to her office to order me the necklace I liked the most! She's the best (and yes, I'm talking about you, Anh!).

I was also able to sign up for a race that I didn't think I was originally going to be able to participate in! I typically go home during the first weekend of March to celebrate my sister's birthday, but she will be in France instead, with her vocal group from college. Yes, I am jealous, but... I'm excited to be able to participate in this year's Salem Black Cat 10-miler.

It actually works out really well, because its the same day that I had a 10-miler scheduled in my training plan.  The Black Cat race was created as a training run for all of those New Englander's running that year's Boston Marathon. Its a fun and motivating way in order to get in your 20 mile training run.  I will be participating in the 10 miler, created as a way to get the rest of us motivated through our training plans for the beginning of race season out here on the Northern side of the East Coast (typically races pick up in April and the majority go until the end of October/beginning of November). 

The first 1000 registrants get a long-sleeve tech T, and all finishers receive a race medal (and you all know, that's the reason I run).  Why don't you come join me and register today!!

Lastly, friends, I'm seriously aiming for 30 miles this week. This is how I will do it:
Monday- 7
Tuesday- 5/weights
Wednesday- 7
Friday- off (all day conference)
Saturday- off (all day conference)
Sunday- .... long run day... the one that gets me every week.... all I need to do is 6 dang miles to hit 30. I CAN DO THIS!!!!

Let's chat:
1. What did you have for lunch today OR
2. What was on your agenda for this afternoon?

I was/am/currently....walking out of the building at 3:00. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Giveaway- Fitbit One

This weekend wound up being pretty busy with family fun, although I have yet to perfect the art of taking awkward blog photos at every opportunity. I guess you learn how to make it work, when you want people to follow along with your adventures.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get in my long run, thus making my total mileage a little lower than I had hoped. 25 for the week, with 7, 6, 7, 6 every other day.  I'm going to throw a party when I get in the perfect training week, because I don't think I've ever accomplished that, in my years of running.

As you all know, I'm desperately trying to 1. BQ and 2. lose weight. No matter what I do, I can never get myself to move out of the same 3 pound range.  I know that losing weight is not necessary for my health or wellness. Science just simply states that the less you weigh (within reason) the faster you go. In order to give myself a little jolt in the butt, I'm signing up for Dietbet that Jess over at Blonde Ponytail is hosting for the month of february.

In this game, all you have to do is lose 4% of your body weight. That's it.  The catch? You bet $25 that you will be able to complete the challenge. Everyone that is able to do so, splits the pot after the 30 days is up. Simple as that.  Want to join the game that Jess started?  Click me here!, or, try to set one up with your friends.  I have about 5 lbs to lose, but you have no idea how hard that is going to be.  

Interested in losing weight on your own and realize that you're going to need a boost?

In order to help you better your chances, I'm going to host a GIVEAWAY!! 
That's heard me. I'm going to help you improve your weight loss chances by hosting a giveaway.  The winner gets their very own Fitbit One. No questions asked.

This is a BRAND NEW, never been used, Fitbit one to be given out to ONE lucky winner.
The fitbit is able to track your everyday activity and sleep, in order to help you become healthier and:

-Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed
- Monitors sleep by tracking the number of hours slept, times woken up, and sleep quality
-Wirelessly uploads through bluetooth to your computer, iphone 4S or later, and other bluetooth devices

* Leave a comment below about your favorite form of exercise 
what makes you feel happy and healthy, that's it.
*All are welcome, including friends and family.

* Will be randomly selected and announced on February 3rd.

* Is not sponsored by any third party, because I am not cool enough to be sponsored yet. It's being done through the kindness of my own heart.


Coldplay & Rihanna - Princess of China (Invisible Men Remix)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throw Back Thursday- Deee Lite - Groove is in the heart

New feature on the blog. Throwback Thursdays! The best songs for your workout!

Thinking out loud Thursday, part dos...and a giveaway

Its that time again... a short but oh so sweet post.

1. Is it bad that I am working on this post, instead of doing work for work?
I mean, it's 6:45 p.m. and the thought of jumping back into typing up a report sounds awful. 

Who am I kidding? Nobody uses the Woodcock anymore (and yes that really is an IQ assessment kit.)

I bet you're wondering out there, reader, why I blog about not having time to blog? Good question. What I wouldn't give to be a full time runner and blogger. But, for now, you have a full time school psychologist, half athlete, and quarter blogger. Maybe when I get a dog, husband, baby, BQ I'll be more interesting.

2. My FAMILY is coming up this weekend!!!! Well, I guess just my parents, but who's excited?? I am!

(Oooh, I just realized we all have the same shaped head.)

3. I think I have a giveaway coming...
I think and know its similar to Run Eat Repeat's.... not exactly the same, but similar. It was just a stroke of good luck and since I'm feeling generous, I wanted to share that with my readers. I will post about it on Monday morning. All of my pseudo stalkers will have to comment on my post...and the winner will be announced the following Monday, February 3rd (in honor of the start of my half marathon training).

4. My mom...and yes, I'm seriously typing this correctly.


Which one you might ask? Oh, just the Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Killington, Vermont at the end of July.  It's not a hundred percent and she always has the option of dropping down to the 5k, but she is definitely interested in taking part since her cousin has picked up the running bug.  The producers of the Biggest Loser are calling it a run/walk, in order to inspire men and women to take charge of their health and accomplish a goal they never thought was possible.

We are going to create a team and I'm going to stick with her the entire way.  Run, walk, or crawl...I don't care because we are making it to the finish line.

5. I missed yoga.
Ce la vie! I guess there is always a plus to being a school psychologist, and when you get to witness it first hand, you know you done good. So what if I didn't get to the gym on time. My heart is happy.

Let's chat:

What are you thinking about on this Thursday? Is anyone having sushi for dinner, because I'm craving it?!?!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Distance Medley

Since we had a snow emergency in good ol' Boston land, I wasn't able to make it to the gym last night. With temps around -20 degrees with the windchill, I decided to scrap my speed work tuesday. Instead, I followed the same HiiT workout routine I did last week, and will add an extra easy run day in Friday. Total miles for the week: 12 in 2 days. Goal is 30.

Being fortunate enough to live in the land of the world's benchmark marathon for a distance runner, I have the pleasure of watching the gun go off in Hopkinton each year, in hopes of seeing runners both great and small cross the finish line on Boylston Street. Its given me enough motivation to want to make the Boston Marathon a goal I hope to attain in the next 10 years*.

*To clarify, I may never attain this goal, but what I wouldn't give for one of those jackets.

Fortunately, I had the honor of signing up for the distance medley today, which the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) hosts in April, June, and October where runners participate in the 5k, the 10k, and their half marathon in the fall. I'm looking forward to the challenge, especially because I think I will be signing up for the Cape Cod Marathon in Falmouth in October. Fingers crossed! Want to join? Head into the B.A.A. website above, in order to gain registration through January 25th. 

Quick post today, because I was knee deep in coo coo land.

Let's Chat:
Any races or events that you are either looking forward to, or proud of from your past?

What's your favorite race medal?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Today I wanted to share my experience with the book, "Daring Greatly" by Brene´ Brown, Ph.D. Dr. Brown suggests that when we embrace what makes us vulnerable, we are able to become our best selves and that shame, comparison, and disengagement ultimately make it impossible to achieve what we set out to do. This is because we never embrace a talent or skill because we are afraid of what people think, we compare ourselves too frequently to others which holds us back from expressing ourselves, or we allow ourselves to disengage from what we love because of what we fear.

One of my favorite moments in the book is when Dr. Brown learned about joy and light from the people who have spent time in "sorrow and darkness". She suggests:

1. "That joy comes to us in moments-ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary."

2. "Be grateful for what you have."

3. "Don't squander joy". She states, "But every time we allow ourselves to lean into joy and give into those moments, we build resilience and we cultivate hope".

It is in our vulnerabilities, strengths, weaknesses, wounds, and experiences that allow us to either feel the shame of our scars, or embrace what they have taught us and allow us to move forward.  In a comparison to the book, "The Velveteen Rabbit", Dr. Brown suggests that those of us who acknowledge that the difficult moments, those that make us struggle, or cry, or feel, those moments, when embraced, allow us to experience joy wholeheartedly.

Throughout the book, Dr. Brown gives us examples and strategies in order to embrace these moments and to live life fully. We are to give in to feelings, but not to the point that it becomes counterproductive or halts our growth. In the final chapters, Dr. Brown goes on to suggest that if we are to become wholehearted, then we need to instill these practices in ourselves and in our children.  She writes,

1. Engage with the world from a place of worthiness.
2. Embrace vulnerabilities and imperfections.
3. Feel a deep sense of love and compassion for self and others.
4. Value hard work, perseverance, and respect.
5. Carry a sense of authenticity and belonging with you, rather than searching for it in external places.
6. Have the courage to be imperfect, vulnerable, and creative.
7. Don't fear feeling ashamed or unlovable if you are different or struggling.
8. Move through our rapidly changing world with courage and a resilient spirit.

I highly recommend this book, as it has sparked the beginning of my own self acceptance, to be less afraid when I want to accomplish something out of my comfort zone, and to go beyond what I believe I am able to accomplish.

To hear more from Brene´ Brown, watch her Houston TedX talk below:

Just remember, above all else...a little lighthearted humor:

Let's Chat:
Have you ever dared greatly?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Committing to change

A long weekend always fills me with a little regret. Most of you would think it was because I have to say goodbye to the freedom of the weekend, but I'm more upset because of my indulgent habits on Fridays and Saturdays. After leaving a Pats playoff game yesterday at a friend's apartment, I realized that something needed to change.  I want to be more dedicated to the craft of running, but find it so difficult with all of the social events Chris and I go to, especially because many of those events are still so focused on consuming junky food and celebratory drinks.

I was reading through the Athletarian's blog recently, in which she posted a campaign by Vega called #onechange. It describes different snacking habits that ruin your diet and make it impossible to reach your goal.  I am most definitely the Weekend Splurger.

Vega suggests that:
Your best healthy-eating intentions crumble without the structure of Monday to Friday. By Sunday night, you feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend. Between late nights, sleeping in, social outings with friends, and catching up after a busy week, it seems impossible to eat right. Monday is your day to reset the dial

That is me, to a T! Its so frustrating. I do so well during the week, and then I get to Friday and things fall apart. When I was laying in bed last night, I decided that this habit needed to change. It seriously has to go, because I have so many other goals that I want to accomplish as compared to imbibing and eating cheese dips. Vega suggests that my #onechange should be eating before I head out, so that I don't eat when I'm with friends.  I've actually tried that strategy before and it doesn't work.  I think I eat because I can be so awkward in social situations, that I turn to food as something to do, and drinks to loosen me up. Sigh... I think I'm going to need to work on that.

Moving forward, I'm making up a shopping list today and calling it quits on the gross feeling weekends. I headed over to Skinnytaste in order to dig up a few recipes to start me off this week.  You can officially call this a rebirth, because things are going to change from here on out. I'm tired of this feeling.  

This is probably the most important part for all of us, because in order to get there, we need to make lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, they can come at price as they might impact your social life, relationships, and friendships. But for me..I think the most important part is to make sure that I feel my best, work towards my goals, and make my life look like the one that I want. 

How do I get there?
1. Make a commitment to the Saturday morning long run.  
No more excuses, Lauren. You've never had a Friday night out that's replaced the way you feel after a good long run.

2. Look for social events that incorporate health and wellness.
I think the only way you can make a change, is if you surround yourself with the lifestyle you want. Instead of turning a long day of drinking into an event, maybe we could suggest hiking, biking, snowshoeing, etc., to do on our lovely weekend days off.

3. Plan ahead for weekend meals like I do during the workweek.
The only way I've been successful with my eating during the week, is when I have an eating plan in place.  I typically make a big casserole or a slowcooker recipe that I eat throughout the workweek, so that I don't have to cook when life gets busy.  I need to set myself up for success on Fridays as well. I'm wondering if I force myself to go to the gym after work and then have fun planning a healthy dinner for Chris and I, or for friends. I need to learn how to make my own kitchen fun.

4. Learn how to say "NO".
The simplest strategy is just learning to say no to a drink, when I don't actually feel like drinking or putting down the chips and dip after my first round.  Believe it or not, there is still pressure to drink and eat at the age of 30, but I need to be ok with saying no. I won't deprive myself, but I don't want to indulge Friday and Saturday each week. Just remember how you woke up feeling this morning. 


Let's chat:
Do any of you have stories of how you changed your lifestyle to meet your goals? Were you met with success and support, or frustration and disappointment?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

I've decided I'm going to participate in this week's Thinking Out Loud Thursday hosted by Amanda from Running with Spoons. 

1. Respect the swim, and the turtle pose. 

Seriously, I took a yoga class today and then swam about 15 laps in the pool immediately afterward.  It was amazing.  I haven't taken a yoga class in months upon months, and it was exactly what my aching IT band needed.  I'm hoping to make yoga a weekly thursday tradition.  I'm not very flexible and it shows when I'm taking the class. Dang tight muscles.  I decided that I would follow yoga with a swim, and it was a great idea. I was out of breath after a few laps. Its amazing how strong you can be in one sport and then completely fall apart in another. Good night of cross training.

2. Chris's school pictures came in, and I immediately framed one and put it on my desk.

Hahaha, how awesome is that picture?  I just can't believe that nobody asked me about it. I'm sure you also noticed the hawk pinned to the bulletin board behind the frame... and why yes, it does say, "Don't be hawkward, follow group expectations". I guess you just had to be social group.

3. I ate my weight in chocolate today.

I couldn't help it. I woke up this morning and couldn't fathom the thought of going to work this morning. I did...but I think my eyes were glued shut until I walked up to the front door. I also woke up a little cranky, so the first thing I ate (as I've been trying to bring my breakfasts to school in order to keep the hunger at bay in the late morning) was a piece of chocolate. and then another piece. and then another piece.  An hour a later, a handful of M&M's here and there. You know how it goes. 

4. I absolutely love and can't stand Vanderpump Rules. 

I'm really behind in my TV watching, since I haven't been getting home from school and exercising until about 7:30 most nights. I am currently catching up on a few episodes and I think the only reason I watch is because they are so beautiful, but they are just. so. awful. as humans. 

Click the link to figure out yours. I took the quiz on buzzfeed and this is what it came up with.
I'm kind of surprised by this, because the last time I was in LA, I hated it there. I definitely think I belong in California because the sun, the shine, the happy vibes are calling to me all the time, but I'm a Northeast gal through and through because I can't imagine being that far away from my family. Maybe someday, but now's not the time. Or maybe, just maybe, I missed out when I should have gone in my 20's. Who knows.

Let's chat:
What's in YOUR brain this Thursday? What city did buzzfeed pick for you?

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why 8 slow miles are the best.

Running doesn't make my butt look any better. I know this because I had a horrifying experience at Lululemon today. After picking up a gift card, I meandered over to the clearance rack in hopes of finding a cute little item to purchase on some kind of crazy whim.  Instead, I walked out of the dressing room in shell shock. It wasn't a pretty sight. I simply bought a headband and called it a day.

(The scene of the crime.)

Fortunately, my experience in Lulu's helped motivate me to get my workout done. I had a goal of completing 8 easy and slow miles. I'm proud to say to you that I did just that.

I really, REALLY, wanted to make sure that these miles were in no way effortful.  I live in a hilly area, so it was necessary for me to make a conscious effort to stay slow and steady. I've been reading a lot of articles about the importance of making your "easy run days" very very easy.  It helps to reduce injury and it honestly made the run that much more enjoyable. I didn't feel tired, I wasn't out of breath, I just plodded along having only stopped at the halfway point to make sure I got in a good IT band stretch.  

For all of you who were wondering, I've decided to go with the BAA intermediate runner half marathon training plan, which is a condensed 9 week program. However, I'm finding it to be much more "advanced" than intermediate, given the range of plans out there. It starts off with 35 miles, with the highest weekly mileage toping out around 41 miles (as I modified the plan slightly). Even though I've trained for two marathons in the past, I've never hit that high of a mileage before...mostly because I've never trained for anything perfectly. BUT, if the goal is Boston or bust, then bust my butt it is. I have to admit I'm feeling a little scared though, because the speed work Tuesdays on the schedule are looking mighty intense. 

Today felt really good and I'm proud of myself for getting in 20 miles so far this week. I have a hatha flow yoga class and a swim in the books for tomorrow and am taking a rest day on Friday in order to spend some quality time after school with some coworkers.  Saturday, I have high hopes of getting in a solid 10 miles. Sunday I'm aiming for 5, making it a total of 35 miles for the week.  For the first time since I started long-distance running, I've been making an effort to ease into heavy mileage instead of jumping in head first.

Let's chat:
Have you ever successfully tackled an insane training plan? Any tips? If you're training for a race, what's your current goal pace?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Speedwork Tuesdays and a maybe you'll run a race with me?

Hello, friends! You all know what today is...right? That's right, it's Speedwork Tuesday! Tuesday is the day you should commit to doing a little fun running and pushing yourself a little bit more. In order to run faster, you need to make yourself run fast! Plain and simple. How can you improve to the pace you want without a challenge?

Speedwork Tuesdays are perfect for me because I always get myself to the gym (some people prefer the track) the same night that Chris has hockey. The same could also be said for saturday mornings, as I'm trying to get back into the long run routine when Chris has games. You need to make it work for you, so if you have chorus on Tuesdays, then Speedwork Wednesdays it is.

Believe me, I get it about making it all work and fitting it all in. I get up at 5:30, am on the road at 6:30, start work before 7:30, typically put in a 9 hour+ day, have an hour long commute back, and then force myself out the door for a run or to the gym. Some nights I come right back into the loving arms of my computer to do more school work. Its hard! Some of you even have a second job or kids to take care of! If you can only do a 3 mile speedwork run, then 3 miles is better than no miles. Heck, ONE mile is better than no miles. Make it work for you.

As for me, I got to the gym and decided I would put in a good 5 miles of running and about 30 minutes of strength training. Thankfully, the circuit training machines are about 1 step away from the treadmills, making the transition painless.

The workout?
     1 mile at a 7.0 mph pace (around 8:34 a mile)
     400 m at 7.7 mph, 400 m at 7.2 mph
     400 m at 7.8 mph, 400 m at 7.3 mph
     400 m at 7.9 mph, 400 m at 7.4 mph
     1/2 mile at 7.2 mph pace, then back to 1/2 mile at 7.0 mph

*Oh yea, for those of you who don't know... mph= Miles per hour, m=meter (400 m= 1 lap around track).


After having moved out of Southie in August, I've officially decided to retire the whole Southie parade scene. I have been partaking in parade day for many years now, but after the shenanigans of last year, I think it might be time to dial it down a notch. This is especially true given that I've moved out of the area and finding your way onto and out of the parade route can be a bit of a nightmare. 

(Oh the parade of 2011. And my long hair.)

Instead, I'm going to sign up for this race that occurs on the same day. Its a wonderfully late start of 11 a.m. and you get a snazzy t-shirt that everyone recognizes in the Boston area. After finishing the race you get a medal to hang in your shiny medal case. Medals are probably the only reason I run races. 

And then, then there is the best part. You can still indulge in a bit of St. Patrick's fun, as there is a great post-race party sponsored by the bars in the Davis Square area (aka, free beer until the kegs get tapped). 

Who's with me? I'm just sticking a toe in the puddle of adulthood and I'd love to have some friends to run hand in hand with. Maybe it'll be your first 5k or your 50th, let's just try it out together!  Register HERE!  Don't wait. Its sold out every year for the last 8 years!!

Let's chat:

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Monday, January 13, 2014

7 Deadly Sins- Gluttony

Traveling to Vermont this weekend. Hectic week at work. Crazy weather. New nephews. What do all these statements equal?  No running.  No running for four days straight.  To be honest, I hadn't done anything remotely active from Wednesday of last week until today.  Woof. In order to pay for these sins, I did what every good little girl should do: I repented by going out on a 7 mile run today.


Getting back to the weekend, Chris and I stayed with friends in one of the most amazing places I had ever seen. It was an entire home left the way it was intended to be, an artifact of 1972. Each nook and cranny was filled with antiques and unique items. Chris couldn't help but comment that you could visit this place every weekend for a year and still discover something new each time you visited. Some of our favorite finds included a gentleman's cookbook from 1962, offering about 16 different recipes to cook eggs; even ones that included "meat jelly". Please someone explain to me what meat jelly is? Maybe I don't want to know....

Throughout the weekend, I wasn't very good at being healthy but I WAS very good at sleeping, being a bum, and being way too indulgent. Seriously...I ate an entire bag of cheddar Ruffles potato chips in the land of healthy, organic, green food.

Regardless, Chris's and my favorite destination to eat at was the Green Goddess Cafe in Stowe, Vermont. The food was so fresh, the gluten-free bread tasted gluten- filled, and we were stuffed like sausages after we each consumed a single sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Coming back to Boston meant treating our bodies with a little more respect. In doing so, I ate one of the most fulfilling meals that I've had in months, all thanks to a little article I read in Real Simple magazine. The recipe consisted of four items: 1 egg, 1/4 cup cooked quinoa, 1/4 cup chopped avocado, and 2 slices of smoked salmon. With the exception of the salmon, the remaining items were heated up on the stove top, along with cayenne pepper and a dash of salt. The fat and protein kept me filled until lunch!! That my friends, is entirely unheard of. Well, I mean, I had a banana as my morning snack too, but usually breakfast and snack time never keep me satisfied until lunch!

The rest of the day consisted of a veggie-laden salad with panko-crusted chicken, a granny smith apple, and half of an avocado.  I may or may not had two squares of chocolate as well, but knowing me, I did a pretty darn good job of eating today.

Food and Fitness News:
Want to know what 200 calories looks like among different items of food? The photo evidence is pretty scary. Check out WiseGEEK's article here.

Let's chat, shall we?

How do you make yourself feel better after a Fitness Fail?

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  What do you think I should have for dinner?


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