Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace

Before I delve into the meaning behind the title, I just have to share with you how awful my run felt today.  Tip #1 in running in cold weather: don't forget your base layer, even if it is a heat wave as high as 30 degrees. Tip #2 Don't forget to wear pants with fleece lining or your butt will freeze and fall off like mine did.  Tip #3 If your legs feel like tree trunks, then just embrace it. (Oh, by the way, Fitbit giveaway continues.  Ends 2/3!)
Seriously, my legs felt like they were bricks...or at least a brick/dead body tied to my right ankle.  For some reason I couldn't get my leg to feel lose and light, just frustratingly tight. I decided to continue with the run anyway, because I was naughty and didn't run last night.  (In order to get to 30 miles this week, I have to somehow squeeze in 4 miles either tomorrow/Saturday morning/evening before/after the School Mental Health Conference I'm going to.) At least the view of Spy Pond on the run was a highlight, even if the whole run required me to trick my brain into keeping my body in motion.

On top of Dietbet hosted by Jess from Blonde Ponytail (and seriously, the pot is at $2300 at the moment I'm writing this), I'm in a race to the finish in order to look svelte for my bestie, Jody's wedding.  She is getting married in Tampa next weekend and I have the honor and privilege of being a bridesmaid in her wedding.  I'm doing the best I can to make sure the dress fits with a little room to spare.

I've decided to use Tone it Up's 7 Day Slim Down, although I don't currently subscribe to Tone it Up, nor am I able to stick to the "plan" (as I understand it) to a T.  It basically makes you:

*drink butt tons of water
*cut out most carbs and don't consume any carbs after 4 p.m.
*Don't eat fruit in the afternoon
*Do a morning workout (I can't)
*Drink some kind of crazy concoction consisting of apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon, etc. (no thanks).
*cut out as much salt as possible
*eat 4-5 CLEAN meals a day
*stick to lean meats and clean vegetables for your dinner
*OK really only eat lean meats, veggies, fruits, and lots of egg whites. Everything else is a no go.

The last time I tried out the this 7 Day Slim Down, I think I did a pretty good job and felt confident for my bestie Baby Snake's wedding last August.

And now, the reason I titled my post, "Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace". Four of my best friends from high school came up with the idea or passing around a journal and a necklace in order to document our dating highs and lows throughout our 20's.  Now that we have gracefully (or not so much) entered our 30's, I decided to upgrade the necklace in order for us to use it in the many events we will undoubtedly be a part of in the next several years (i.e., our own weddings, having children, etc.) and I wanted Jody to be the first to be able to wear our traveling necklace during the rehearsal dinner the night before her big day.  I'm so excited to be able to share these moments with them, and am thankful of how we have stayed in touch throughout the years, despite the distance and the difficulties. I'm so excited for you, my dear, dear, friend!

(Necklace by Kate Spade. OH man, its even on sale!!)


  1. So sweet and boy do you clean up good!!!

    Needless to say, I am so excited to see you!!



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