Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why 8 slow miles are the best.

Running doesn't make my butt look any better. I know this because I had a horrifying experience at Lululemon today. After picking up a gift card, I meandered over to the clearance rack in hopes of finding a cute little item to purchase on some kind of crazy whim.  Instead, I walked out of the dressing room in shell shock. It wasn't a pretty sight. I simply bought a headband and called it a day.

(The scene of the crime.)

Fortunately, my experience in Lulu's helped motivate me to get my workout done. I had a goal of completing 8 easy and slow miles. I'm proud to say to you that I did just that.

I really, REALLY, wanted to make sure that these miles were in no way effortful.  I live in a hilly area, so it was necessary for me to make a conscious effort to stay slow and steady. I've been reading a lot of articles about the importance of making your "easy run days" very very easy.  It helps to reduce injury and it honestly made the run that much more enjoyable. I didn't feel tired, I wasn't out of breath, I just plodded along having only stopped at the halfway point to make sure I got in a good IT band stretch.  

For all of you who were wondering, I've decided to go with the BAA intermediate runner half marathon training plan, which is a condensed 9 week program. However, I'm finding it to be much more "advanced" than intermediate, given the range of plans out there. It starts off with 35 miles, with the highest weekly mileage toping out around 41 miles (as I modified the plan slightly). Even though I've trained for two marathons in the past, I've never hit that high of a mileage before...mostly because I've never trained for anything perfectly. BUT, if the goal is Boston or bust, then bust my butt it is. I have to admit I'm feeling a little scared though, because the speed work Tuesdays on the schedule are looking mighty intense. 

Today felt really good and I'm proud of myself for getting in 20 miles so far this week. I have a hatha flow yoga class and a swim in the books for tomorrow and am taking a rest day on Friday in order to spend some quality time after school with some coworkers.  Saturday, I have high hopes of getting in a solid 10 miles. Sunday I'm aiming for 5, making it a total of 35 miles for the week.  For the first time since I started long-distance running, I've been making an effort to ease into heavy mileage instead of jumping in head first.

Let's chat:
Have you ever successfully tackled an insane training plan? Any tips? If you're training for a race, what's your current goal pace?


  1. I need to make a few edits to this post but my computer is shut down and my iPad doesn't format the page correctly. My sincerest apologies!

  2. OK I bet you are wrong... I bet running makes your butt look amazing!!! just imagine what it would look like if you didn't run!!!

    Now I don't thing that plan looks to hard, well all but week 8!!! 6 miles at 10km pace, that is just overkill, why not just race 10km!!! (or was that something you wanted to change).

    Racing a half is always hard work and the race alway seems to end up longer than you want it to be, so keep the weekly milage up.

    Good luck, what week are you on, when is your race?

  3. Easing into mileage is definitely the best way to go, but sometimes it's so hard. I took a month off and I want to just jump right back in where I left off but I know that would be a bad idea!



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