Monday, January 31, 2011

Donate now!

If you would like to donate to my fundraising campain for Team in Training you can either click here or follow the link in my Donate Tab!  Thank you so much!  I promise to update this blog with more info as soon as I get a chance!  I would also like to personalize my donations page as well. :)

***So here is the quick update as I just got home for soccer and its 15 minutes before bedtime.  I want to cry.  No, I'm not sad.  I'm the luckiest and most blessed girl in the world.  I can't believe the friends and family that have supported me already, towards completing my goal.  Not to mention, I think my entire family plus Sara, Olivia, Steph, and Molls want to come out to cheer me on in June.  There is nothing more motivating than this.  I start by going to a kickoff event at Boston University this saturday, and will meet my South Boston Running Team.  From there, I start training next week!  I really hope to make you all proud!***


  1. Yahoo! I am already thinking of all the different ways we can wear hot pink and put "Go Lauren Go" on different items of clothing. I'm thinking T-shirts, shorts, socks, sweatbands . . . I'll keep you posted.



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