Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tory Row

I'm not doing so good, pearl.  Honestly, what has been going on the last two days?  I haven't had a moment to exercise because although a ton of wonderful things are coming into my life at the moment, they just all happen to be coinciding with the most stressful week at work that I've experienced in years.  Sigh.  At least I had a delightful evening with my favorite girls, at Tory Row in Harvard Square.  Here is a photo collection of the highlights.

We ladies split a few appetizers before heading into the main course, which included a house-made hummus, and a noshoba brook bakery baguette as well as curry apricot cheese spread and baguette.  Sara and I split two entrees which was a great idea.  Between the two of us, we indulged on a fennel agrodolce (tasted very sweet), with teardrop tomatoes, broccoli florets, and robiola (an italian cheese similar to brie) flatbread.   No offense to the veggies, but they were obviously not fresh, and most likely came out of a bag.  A frozen bag of veggies, how tres chic!  We also dined on grilled tandoori chicken skewers (one per person) paired with a lemon-tomato couscous and cucumber raita.  Es delicioso! 

We ended the night with the girls trying to figure out the bill, while I played with my camera to see if I could get any artistic shots of this flower.  I tried my best...I have a long way to go.  As for Tory Row, I definitely recommend it for its cheap eats and trendy atmosphere.  (Although, I bet it will be no where near as exciting as the food I get to fall in love with, while in Italy!)  Somehow I have to remember that I'm training for a marathon when my life gets this busy.  I have to make running a priority too!

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