Saturday, March 19, 2011

All the ingredients for a terrible long run.

Remember how earlier in the week I posted a one sentence post entitled Worst Run Ever?  Well I should have just called this week the worst week of running, ever.  I'm not experiencing pain or muscle stiffness (although I am going to Marathon Sports today to get new shoes, because I definitely can tell that they've broken down), but instead I've gone out on every run feeling tired and defeated.

I notice this pattern happens to me quite often in March.  I take on too much throughout the year and then typically have a mental health meltdown right around the tail end of the month.  It all started in high school where in the same weekend I had to study for a big test on case law and the Constitution, was hosting a foreign exchange student for the weekend, participated in track practice, and had dress rehearsals while I was the lead in the high school musical.   Come Tuesday when I got the test back....and although I was a straight A student....I wound up getting a 30 and started crying in the middle of class.  I missed school for three days after that because I was just cooked.  I slept the entire time.

Looks like history is rearing its ugly head!  I work an exhausting job (blah blah blah yes I get school vacations but I work all summer at my adventure camp.  On top of that, working in schools is a mentally exhausting profession!) which leaves me little time in the morning to get a workout in, so I have to save my therapy sesh's for when I get home.  I also notice that I like to do everything and anything I can to stay active socially and within my community.  This year, I have played both outdoor and indoor soccer, and softball in the summer.  However, for my own sake, I took off the second session of indoor because it was becoming too much of a hassle and less about being fun!  I also am trying to stay current within my profession, so I participate in monthly Massachusetts School Psych Association meetings.  Sara aka Baby Snake and I also decided that we needed a little more spice in our life, so we instituted Cultural Thursdays, where we attend cultural events throughout the city. Most importantly, I make sure that I say yes to every social event that I can feasibly attend.  All while training for a marathon.  Needless to say, I have left dating by the wayside.  I also seem to live in the philosophy that I'll sleep when I'm dead.

That, my friends, is a terrible terrible philosophy.  I had the worst long run in my own personal history, where it took me over an hour and a half to finish 10 miles!  Areee you serious?  I started out moving at a snails pace, and even had to take several walking breaks! AHHHHH.  I've run better than that even when I ran my first half with very little training!

I can tell, my brain is fried.  In attempt to stay on my game, I joined my favorite ladies for dinner at The King and I Thai Restaurant, and then got some BoYo frozen yogurt (25 calories for the frozen yogurt itself!)  Here are some pics of the highlights.  First off we have my chicken and vegetables. with green curry dish, that also included bamboo shoots and coconut milk.  I paired it with some brown rice on the side.  Although delicious, I realize that eating Thai food the night before a long run is the worst idea ever.  Cue lauren's bathroom.

Steph and Olivia eating their boYo!

Molly and I enjoying our tasty treats!

Yum, yogurt chips and crushed Reese's! 

I think this food might have been better consumed on an evening that didn't come before a long run, as mentioned above the break.  Pfffttt.  I'm hoping that staying better hydrated throughout the week and somehow getting an actual uninterrupted night of sleep will help.  Oh a brain filled with thoughts!

I also know that I've been feeling a little low lately with relationshipy stuff, and that has also impacted my ability to want to kill it on the weekends.  No need to go into detail, but I'm sure that a lot of you can relate to how blips in your personal life can affect your runs....if you let it.  That's why today's terrible terrible long run was important.  I saw the effects of taking on too much, not eating properly, and letting your brain get in the way can make you want to just give up.  However, as I began my long run, I realized that today wasn't about running for time, and instead was about completion.  I knew that if I could get through this, I would feel better starting tomorrow (especially in time for the St. Patrick's Day parade in Southie!).  That, and nothing a new pair of running shoes can't fix! All in time for my 12 miler next saturday!

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