Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Its for the children

Wellllll I'm tirreeeddd today so I'll just talk briefly about my food choices on this fine Wednesday, as well as an event I'm participating in with some really awesome middle school athletes.  First, let us discuss my sweet eats. Actually, let's just talk about breakfast and dinner because lunch was just leftovers from my evening out with Sara aka Baby Snake last night.

For breakfast, I've realllly switched things up by having annnn...wait for it...wait for it...

Today's omelet included cage free liquid eggs from Trader Joe's (35 calories a serving), a ton ton ton of spinach, half a tomato, a sprinkling of dried cranberries, and my new best friend, Honey Goat Cheese.  Let us fondly mourn the loss of our Cranberry Goat Cheese that is a seasonal food item at Trader Joe's.  A moment of silence, please.


Instead, let us cherish the birth of my new seasonal goat cheese of choice: 
Trader Joe's Chevre with Honey Fresh Goat Cheese.  
Tis' Awesome.

I have also switched to strawberry cream cheese from my seasonal pumpkin cheese to top off my multigrain english muffin.  Its pretty rad, too.  
By the way, their cows just so Nooooooo to hormones.

As you all know, I have switched from tea to coffee, but have recently discovered Yogi Organic Teas and really enjoy their array of flavors.  Currently, I am in love with their Stomach Ease brand.  I haven't had a stomach ache in the three days I have been drinking this tea!  And you all know how bad my stomach aches can get.  Um, well if you don't know, they are really bad sometimes.  Its my stress house. Anyway, here is the description, as told by Yogi.

"At home, dining out or traveling, enjoy a cup of Stomach Ease after your meal to help with healthy digestion. Our delicious traditional medley of all organic herbs and spices is specially formulated to support digestive health. We combine fennel seed with licorice, two fragrant and flavorful herbs that naturally soothe the stomach. Refreshing peppermint and warming herbs such as cardamom, coriander, and ginger help promote digestion. So try a warm cup of Stomach Ease after your meal as a gentle and effective aid to digestion."

I also snacked on a banana around 9, an orange around 3:30, and then a Kids Clif Bar around I was starrrvvingggg.

For dinner, I decided that I had had a lot of bready-like carbs, so I went the veggie route.
Here, we have a salad...but not just any salad, an Herb Salad Mix with mushrooms, tomatoes, half of a small avocado, honey goat cheese, a small sprinkling of pecans, and my Champagne Pear Vinaigrette a la Trader Joe's (only 45 calories, what whattt!)

Nom nom nom.  I try to be healthy for the children.  I also, have decided to join in on some fun.  Say what?

Well well well, I've officially signed up with two administrators and 40 students within the two middle schools in my district to help run the Club 115 Relay Challenge through the Boston Athletic Association (BAA, and yes, THE BAA of the Boston Marathon).  Here is a picture of my shirt that I received today during one of our four practices.  P.s., I also get a coaches track jacket. YESSS.

Anyway, so the Club 115 Relay Challenge happens on April 16, 2011, two days before the Boston Marathon.  The BAA sponsors this youth running program, in which middle school age running groups (larger than 20, less than 50) compete at a relay race along 8 locations on the marathon route.  However, our middle school team competes at the finish line in Copley Square. HOW COOL IS THAT?! The program lasts a total of four weeks, and kids train to run the relay.  Because the team I joined has been training together in a rec running league, and have attended this event for four years, I really just get to join in on the fun and feel the excitement instead of actually coaching.  I can't wait!  I guess I'll just have to switch my long run from that day to happen on Sunday, instead of with my running team. Phooeeyyy.

Also, side bar.  Last thing, I mean it.  I've officially booked my fundraising party for May 7th at the Battery Park Bar and Lounge in the financial district.  I think I'll charge a cover of $10 (suggestions on upping it to $15 or $20?) which includes appetizers (donated by the bar because the manager is also a Team in Training fan) and a raffle ticket towards an ipod (which I'm hoping Apple donates to my event...I've head they've done that in the past).  I am also going to raffle off Red Sox tickets, as well as having a fun balloon pop, where you pay $5-$10 for a balloon and inside, everyone is a winner (as I will be getting donations from area restaurants, spas, clothing stores, etc!).  HOORAYYYYY!  

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