Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is how i ate my way through Italy

Dear Folks.  I have absolutely no idea what anything I ate was called.  I never saw a menu once while I was there, and even if I asked the waiter what the name of the meal was, I forgot instantaneously.  Instead, here is a photo montage of some of our meals, desserts, drinks, and tastes.  I think its safe to say that although the food was fresh, there was really no limit to how much we consumed haha.  Thank you again to the fabulous Megan Christine and her beautiful photography.  Check out the MC Photography blog.  Site will be up and running soon! 

Next we have a montage of Lauren's photos.  A slight downgrade in photo quality.

Now a look out to Mt. Vesuvius. A sad farewell to a life changing moment in my Champagne Year!


  1. Yum. Italy could be very dangerous to my diet.

  2. OH yes, don't ever expect to go to Italy and come back thinner. I only got one run in the whole time I was over there. Back to marathon training and eating this week!

  3. Hi Lauren. Hello from California. My name is Mario and I wanted to say thanks for accepting my request to be a new FoodBuzz friend. I was going to leave you a comment on FoodBuzz but I thought I’d comment here since I visited here first. What an awesome blog. I love that it has become your diary towards achieving your goal of lifestyle change and running a Marathon. Driven, deliberate and focused seem to describe you. Your blog has beautiful photos. The pizza is particularly inviting. My wife and I will be going to Italy in May. So I hope to one day miss the pizza I ate for lunch in Italia. I also write a blog about food. But with a relationship twist. Please visit. And maybe consider following. That would be great. Again, thanks.



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