Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sick and tired of being

Sick and tired.  Somebody turn the lights on...somebody tell... OK enough singing.  Kids, I have been so sick this week and because I am a glutton for punishment, I still force myself to go to work because of the deadlines that hang out there.  It hasn't been helpful because my training is the one that suffers.  I have only been able to get my body to do one workout since Sunday....and now its thursday.  I ran with my middle school training group on wednesday and participated in a pacer activity and 15 minute run, but I was wayyy winded, so I decided that the elliptical would have to do.

Tonight I'm going to Brookline High School to listen to a presentation on how the mind heals the body. WOAH, exactly what I need!  I will definitely come back with a recap.  Here is the event info:
"On this evening, we will take a closer look at the mind/body phenomenon, explore the possible relationship between daily stress, emotions, and chronic illness, and discover how we can use our mind to heal our body."

This is exactly what I've been going through this year and it needs to stop.  Seriously!  I am queen of optimism and good times; I never let some tough times get me down.  However, my stress levels are significantly impacting my work and home life productivity.  Seriously, its not ok.

I'm ready to go from this....

to this:  

Here are the steps I think I'm going to take until I start to feel more energetic.

1.  Its time to start prioritizing my life and maybe make some cuts to my social calendar.  I'm pretty sure I've overbooked myself in all areas of my life.

2. Censored by Gomomgo.  It had to do with making sure you limit your alcohol consumption.  Good thing I'm almost 28.

3. Get enough sleep.  I haven't been sleeping that well since like the beginning of january, I want to start really getting into a night time routine that ensures a good nights rest.

4. Continue my healthy eating/running lifestyle.  I summed it up all in that statement.

5. Manage stress levels at work. I'm pretty sure I've vented in almost every post about how the year is going for me.  I basically dread waking up every morning.

6. Think about going to see Dr. Slavsky.    I just want to see if she has any recommendations or just make sure nothing is medically uncool, yo.  I don't mind doctors whatsoever, but, doctor really just, doesn't hold back.  She's as blunt as a blunt object. Yea...I might also start thinking about going to see a therapist, to kind of keep myself in check. I won't apologize for making that decision.  I'm a school psychologist, I'm going to promote counseling.  Sorry. 

7. Continue to listen to my body.  I know myself really really well, and when my mind and body is off, its definitely off.  When I need to take a break exercising, I definitely do it because pushing myself to run sometimes stresses me out even more.  Chicken and egg kind of thing.  Ya heard?

Any other suggestions?


  1. Love, love, love that song :D

    Hope you feel better and more energetic soon! Cute pic :)

  2. Not enough sleep is my main problem.

  3. Hey Lauren, check out a thing called Holosync re keeping your mind and body in check. You get a free demo CD and you can see for yourself. Works for me!



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