Friday, April 22, 2011

Kosher for Passover recipes!

Listen kids.  I'm not Jewish, although I can be for the right man, wink wink. Hahahha. Just kidding!  But seriously, I have a lot of friends who are, and like to keep kosher for passover.  Some bend the rules throughout the rest of the year, but being Kosher for Passover and making sure no rising bread enters their mouths is a big priority this time of year!  So, because I hung out with Jewish Baby Snake and her Jewish beau, we partook in some kosher recipes and treats!

This recipe is entitled: "We can't cook, but we have to keep Kosher for Passover Pizza"

The ingredients include:                    Matzo- however much you like
                                                          Kosher Pizza Sauce
                                                          Any other Kosher ingredient you can think of

First step is to cover a cookie tin with aluminum foil and break up the matzo into pieces

Get your kosher tomato sauce ready!  Just pour it on top of the matzo!

If you're feeling a can add artichoke sauce instead.

Top it all off with cheese and put it in the toaster oven for as long as you fancy! Basically, until the cheese melts. 
Take it out. 


For some dessert make yourself some Kosher brownies!!!  I didn't make these, I just ate them.  THEY WERE OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I found a recipe from a Kosher Blog here!

Happy Passover my loves!

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