Monday, May 2, 2011


I bought em. I just typed up an entire post about compression socks, but since there was a computer glitch I've decided that instead of throwing my laptop on the ground, I'm just going to condense what I was writing.

I like CEP compression socks. I didn't like running in them. I LOVED compressing in them, aka, wearing them after a run when my little leggies and piggies were tired.  They helped relieve swelling and made my muscles work out by laying and watching t.v.  What bums!  You want to wear compression socks because it helps with post run circulation. Here is an article from Running Times that gives you an idea as to what makes them magical.  And its not because they are infused with the horn of a unicorn. I also encourage you to watch the video above to figure out how to put on compression socks. Believe me, it might blow your mind.

I bought my socks from High Tide Health because they were about 10 dollars cheaper and had free shipping. I went with black, and I had to get a size III because I have some pretty decent calf muscles (around 14 inches). Why CEP? Because Skinny Runner told me that she liked them the best. She BQ'd without ever really training. I trust her. Plus, she makes them look good.

I look good wearing them while also wearing pajamas. See? My thighs look about 10 lbs thinner with compression socks. And with gravity. Because lifting them up pulls everything down.

Secondly, I highly highly highly recommend BIC bands.  The company was started to raise money for Team in Training.  The owner made over a $1000 through BIC band sales.  That's legit ridiculous.  What's also ridiculous is that they seriously don't slip.  I'm not even lying.  I don't lie.  Why would I lie?  Proof is in the pudding, snoopsters.

Yeaaaa. Look at the pudding.  This is an actual post run photo shoot with me and the mirror.  Its tricky when your roommate is a doctor and she doesn't live at home even though you sometimes see her dishes in the sink or her shoes moved around.  P.s. Jessica is doing a rotation outside of the city so she is gone for TWO WHOLE MONTHS while I'm left to fend for myself out here.  BLAH.  Jessica, no.  Not for my birthday.  NOT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY.  This is sad.

Anyway, I had a good week of running, after some minor anxiety attacks when I realize I can't run or I'm actually legitimately tired.  That will be my next post.  SucKAS.


  1. I'm desperate to buy some compression socks and now I'll know how to put them on, yay!

  2. I'm kind of nervous to use these. I've already got bad circulation in my feet, and from what I understand, these cut down on it even more. I do get a lot of swelling in my ankle, though. Decisions, decisions.

  3. i agree with vanessa.. you make me want to buy compression socks now (even though I never thought about it before!) Um and you are the CUTEST!! My hubs is from Wellesley and I LOVE BOSTON with all my heart... hopefully we make it back there someday but until then I will live vicariously through your blog :)

  4. Well that was super nice! Also, there is a special video on how to put on compression socks because they are so dang tight that you cant just slip them up your legs. As for worrying about circulation, I believe that they help to improve circulation. My roommate wears them at work every day because she is on her feet and in surgery for hours. Hers are more stockings than socks but I bet you could do some research on a brand best for poor circulation!

  5. I want the CEP pink compression socks SO BAD. Why do they have to be so expensive?!?



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