Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I promise promise promise to do a Race Recap tomorrow.  I didn't fly into Boston until 12:30 a.m. last night and got up at 5:30 a.m. to go to work.  This afternoon has been catching up on all of the household chores, i.e. grocery shopping, cleaning, buying an air conditioner (because its going to be almost 100 degrees on Thursday!!), making food for the next day, etc. etc.

Funny story though, was that while in San Diego, one of you lovely readers came up to me and asked to take a picture of me because you read my blog!! What the heck!!  That moment may have renewed my vow to blogging (I also apologize for not asking your name but I was so shocked that I just blacked out)!  I could continue my journey because I just signed up for the Self.com Challenge to lose 10 pounds, have a ton of recipes for it, and will use the recovery running model set up by Hal Higdon (read about it here) so I can begin to train for a few half marathons (and set some PR's) before completing another full marathon!!!

I know...I'm crazy, but I have to beat my time!! Talk to you all tomorrow!


  1. Love the fact that you are crazy, arn't we all!!!

  2. Hooray for an update post! I have been checking a few times a day to see if you've written. I LOVE this photo of you! So triumphant! I am THRILLED to hear you plan to keep running and to work towards running another full marathon! You are AMAZING.

  3. Um excuse me what happened to your promise promise promise to do a race recap today? You better be doing something AWESOME instead. Love you! and also, for those of you who are itching for an update, here's Lauren's marathon stats:

    Overall: 2950 out of 8267 · Division: 296 out of 1029 · Gender: 1040 out of 4012

    Pace 5 Km 10 Km Half 20 Mi ChipTime
    10:05 27:31 54:07 1:58:51 3:13:00 04:24:05



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