Friday, August 5, 2011

Breakfast waffles!

I told you that I'm a Red Sox Runner.... A pic of me and the bf at the game last night.

Ok, let's move onto the breakfast waffles; a low calorie, totally filling breakfast!  I wouldn't recommend this before a long run, but I certainly eat this most mornings (which helped to contribute to my recent 5 pound weight loss).  The recipe is courtesy of

Ok so first you take 1 multigrain breakfast waffle.  Obviously you toast it. (115 calories)

Then combine a half cup of lowfat cottage cheese (90 calories) with your choice of 2 tsp of nuts.
I went with pecans (roughtly 45-50 calories). 

Cut up your choice of 1 whole fruit. Apple, pears, banana; whatever you want!  I decided on two apricots.  Did you know that 1 apricot is only 17 calories!!! Two is only 34!! 

Then top with your favorite spread: butter, honey, or sugar free syrup!  I went with the sugarfree syrup because I love it with all of my heart no matter how unorganic it is.  

Then combine!  My photo here does not make it look very appealing so I'll show you what it would look like using pears and almonds and photographed by

P.s. I love their Drop10! Challenge recipes.  Muy delicioso! 

So total calorie count isssss.....  approximately 285!!! plus the calories of your for me it was probably around 320-340 calories with the syrup!! Hip hip hooray!!!  Believe me when I say its a lot of food! I have to put it in a bowl to eat it because its so much!

Happy Friday!  I'm off to New York State again.  Family love times, fair love times, college friends love times.  Back Sunday!

Not to mention...I will be attending a tribute concert that my sister is singing in, for Geoff Armlin, who I mention in my blog page: Team in Training, The story of Geoff.


  1. I love syrup too! I just can't get enough of it!

  2. I was supposed to be at the game, but our tickets fell through - so we watched it at Boston Beer Works instead!! Not so awesome game though :(

  3. so i just discovered Kashi's 7 grain waffles and they are super yummy!

  4. That breakfast looks SUPER delicious! Absolutely love this photo with the BF!

  5. Yum, that looks amazing! I make something similar with rice cakes but I know it would taste better using waffles!

  6. I love your blog and I love that picture of you and Chris!



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