Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maine Event

As you know I went away for 4 days to Camden Maine and was off the grid the entire time.  I came back to enjoy my time off, go to the beach, continue to stay away from the computer, and started to get back into my running routine.  I have also been babysitting for my favorite "Bear" ever this week and made dinner plans each night.  BF has been nursing a knee injury that has certainly off put his marathon training, so fingers crossed it actually isn't a torn Meniscus like the doctor suspects.

Anyway, want to see a photo montage of some beautiful shots of Maine?  Thought so!

Lots of ferry rides, bike rides, kayaking, walking, and camping!  Love my adventure camp!  Also, did you know that school starts next week!  I'll be back to my real routine come the first.  I'm scared for this!  I also took on more responsibilities with the Mass School Psych Assc. in an effort to become the Most Improved Member (an award I made up for myself!).  Hopefully I won't be complaining like I did last year about how tired I am all the time!  At least I was able to enjoy this beautiful beautiful summer.


  1. Great time in Maine it looks like! I am nursing a knee injury halfway through my marathon training plan with the orthopedic tomorrow to rule out any meniscus or LCL damage...good luck to him!

  2. LOVE these photos! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing and welcome home!



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