Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zensah, where's my free loot?

Seriouslyyyy? I'm just as cool as all the other bloggers out there who got their free zensah racerbacks and bras (SR, Cely from Running off the Reese's, and Mizfit). Instead, Zensah used my heroes to push their product onto me,  knowing that if it were cute enough I would by it.  But I don't get why they didn't use me with my massive readership and ability to make running look oh so stylish!!! I mean, look at me pose before my run today. (Also, I hope all of you know I'm being sarcastic.)

Come on, look at that wonderful modeling job for my north face tank and nike tempo shorts.  Plus a blue hair band from Goody ala CVS?

But guess what.  All those reviews WORKED on me DANGIT!!! I humbly admit that I loved the purple tank and hot pink sports bra ala Skinny Runner, that I wound up buying it myself.  I'm a fool. A fashion loving, fun running, fool. Maybe I should name my blog that.

Yet I digress.

I ran my first run of my half marathon training program. IT STUNK.  I'm sorry to use such foul language, but omg.  Here is what I ran in.

Grossssss. It was also not cloudy, p.s.

3 miles in that made me feel like I was going to die. Not because I don't know how to run, its because I chose to run it at 1 p.m. on a 90 degree day.  I had to stop a couple of times in the shade so that I wouldn't pass out before I got back.  But once I did, brother, oh man, I chugged gatorade and water like it was my job.  Which it is, by the way.  Its my job to stay alive!

So after a few minutes of wondering whether or not I was going to pass out, I decided to check out the last of my Gotein protein powder shake that I won from a giveaway done by Jess at Blonde Ponytail.

Previously, I had tried the vanilla and chocolate versions and loved those.  I just wish I had used colder water and actually taken pictures of my experience.  This time I had the strawberry version.  I also added a little almond milk to see if I could get it to taste like Strawberry Quik.

As you can tell by the consistency of the above photo, it did not mix well when stirred in a water/almond milk combo job instead of just shaking it into a water bottle.  It also did not in fact taste like Strawberry Quik.  More like, Pepto Bismol.  I wound up dumping it out in the sink.  I think I'll be sticking to the Vanilla and Chocolate versions from now on, because those actually tasted good.  As good a protein powder will ever taste.

Love youuu.


  1. Your pre-run poses rock! I love Gotein--but not Strawberry. So artificial, not a fan of that flavor. But the rest--AMAZING!

  2. I love the Choc and Van too! Your poses are killer--totally hired for modeling. C'mon Zensah!

  3. Please don't run in 90 degree weather again-Even though you are Lauren, the Invincible NO ONE is immune to heat stroke in this weather....and you look adorable in your Zensah....
    Love, your mother <3



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