Saturday, December 28, 2013

What happens next.

Since I left you in 2011, I've run 6 long distance races. I keep a steady pace no matter what race I'm running, with the tortoise beating the rabbit but I'm certainly no competitor. Regardless, with that steady pacing, I've been able to improve my marathon time of 4:24:05 to 3:49:40. I went from a 10 minute marathon mile to an 8:45 min/mile. I incorporated speedwork into my routine, in addition to longer easy runs on the weekdays.  It also helped to train in the summer months where I pretty much died from the humidity each day but come October, 50 degrees was feeling mighty fine.

Heck YES you are correct in thinking that's awesome, but at the same time...I only have 1, COUNT IT, ONE long distance race in the books since my marathon in 2012 (although I did do a 5k post marathon and the BAA 10k which I apparently didn't claim on Athlinks).   So what happened...why haven't I made any improvements since 2012 and why haven't I been racing?


Well first off, I suffered an IT band injury following the Baystate marathon, Not only did it take months upon months for me to get back onto my feet, I lost my running mojo. I fell out of love with running and it left me feeling kind of lost.  I have been slowly getting back into the game by training for the half in December, but I in no way had my heart completely in it.  Even though I coached Middle School Track and Field and then Cross Country in the fall, I was not a living example. My shoes were worn out, my brain was worn out.  So this is why I'm reaching out to the blog world for support.

I want to light that fire in my butt again.  I want to be Go Lauren Go.  Let me show you some changes that have helped in the last few months, that have inspired me to get back on my feet and at least try.

1. I started strength training at the gym. I am not ripped nor do I follow a strict routine, but at the moment, I'm just happy to get in about 20 minutes of strength training 3-4 days a week.  That is so much more than before (aka 0 minutes, 0 days a week since I left College). Keeping up with a routine will help with preventing future injuries. I need to strengthen a weak butt and weak hips, which is what originally caused my IT band injury.  Game on.

2. I've dialed back my training since my half in December.  I'm seriously going back to basics by only doing about 3-4 mile runs about 4 times a week. I need to build a base again. I can't be doing these 9 miles here, 6 miles here, and then taking time off because I don't have the energy or stamina to continue in this direction. I'm also adding in my crosstraining into my schedule.

3. I also reconnected with my new/old shoes.  After training for the last marathon in Nike's and then switching to Mizuno's, I went back and bought the tried and true Asiics Gel Kayano's. These ladies is looking MIGHTY fine. I also should do a little plug for Road Runner Sports. If you sign up to be a VIP member, your first year only costs a $1.99 and you get discounts on gear/free fast shipping. I have also found coupons each and every time I've needed to shop almost always landing a 20% discount. I got a Brooks running jacket for $76 as compared to $110 at City Sports. I was also able to purchase the FitBit for $85 as part of GodadGo's christmas gift. SCORE.

4. I got a new Garmin for Christmas.  Ok....this really isn't going to improve my running game any more than my last gps. I'm just excited because its not as bulky as the Forerunner 305.  Look at this beauty.  She's my muse. Certainly not the most expensive or tech savvy version within the Garmin line, but she's got a bit of sass and that's what I like in a running watch. 

5. In this exact moment, I'm signing up for another race.  Its going on the calendar as we speak. DONE. It's happening.  Anyone care to join me?  Its on April 6th, 2014 and is situated along the coast of Gloucester, MA and Cape Ann.  I just ran a Yukanrun sponsored race in December called the Half Merrython. While hilly (even more so than my Zooma race in the Cape), I think I liked that about the run. It took me to some parts of Gloucester that I had never seen before and were absolutely gorgeous. I also enjoyed the out and back loop because I discovered that the way out had more uphills than the way back. SCORE!  

The Fool's Dual in April includes a 5k and half marathon. However, the strong of heart run it as a Fool's Dual, as you can participate in both races back to back. I'm thinking I'll just stick with the half, since that's what I paid for. The only annoying thing was that the price went up to $59. It was about $45 last week when I looked. Wellllp, whatever. 

You get a cool shirt, some nice swag, good food after the race, a small field of racers, plenty of water stops, and a race sticker that says 13.1. NOT too shabby!

Ok, so now my friends.  Will you help me reinvigorate my running mojo?  Anyone interested in running this race with me?  Any stories of inspiration about getting back in the game when you thought you had nothing left to give? Do you think I'll ever make it to Boston, besides just hopping on the T?


  1. I Just FounD Blank Posterboard When I Cleaned Out My Car So I'm All ReadyTo Make GoLaurenGo Posters!

  2. Welcome back! So happy you are writing again. I'm not much on the running front, but I can clap and cheer and hold posters with the best of them!

    Also, love that you called him GoDadGo and that you staged such a beautiful picture of your new Garmin.

    1. Molly. I hope this time I'll be able to incorporate more content like restaurant reviews, book reviews, fitness, and recipes that will entice more people to read besides just the running community! At any time, please feel free to give me some real and honest feedback!

  3. I love your blog! You are so clever having a blog is such a great idea!!

    I also suffered an IT injury which kept me away from running for a while. I recently started going to Orange Thoery Fitness and it is really helping me build my running stamina and strength in my muscles. I am not sure if you have them where you live but if so you should check it out. It is a 1 hour class and the first half is running intervals as a group on treadmills and the second half is strength training. I LOVE it as it forces me to run 3 miles and get in strength training that I would never do on my own at the gym due to lack of knowledge (and ambition). I have been doing this for over a month and can really see and feel the changes in my body.

    I help this helps. Can't wait to keep reading your blog! ~* Tara S.

  4. 2 More things that I swear by: The Marathon Stick ( . I use every time I run to massage my IT band afterwards) and my Sauconey Progrid Guide sneakers (I have owned numurous pairs and will never wear another sneaker).

    1. Tara, I wish that they had the Orange Theory Fitness here in MA!! It looks amazing! If only I had the financial backing to open one up here :). I think my sister might be moving out to Colorado, by the way, so I'll be looking forward to making some trips over there in the near future! Maybe I should even do that Colorado Marathon in May, someday...

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