Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Food Cravings: A mirror into your soul (As brought to you by Natalie Dee)

That title might be a little more deep than I'm willing to go, but what I wanted to discuss is how my food cravings, in particular, have changed since I started running and what I think that means.

At a very tender age, I was always the chocolate girl. If I were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I would be that kid that drowned in the river of chocolate. Gomomgo can attest to that (I may or may not have also been the child who hid behind the couch to eat a stick of butter, but I digress).

Don't get me wrong, if given the choice between chocolate and a carrot, the fudge is always going to win (and don't even BEGIN to pretend that you would choose a vegetable). 

However, over the last several years, I've noticed that I've craved richer, denser, saltier, cheesier, warmer foods.  I was really flabergasted by this change because I've always been a sweets kind of gal. 

A few years ago, I looked up what these changes in food cravings meant and I've stumbled upon some interesting resources. Don't get me wrong, I'm no nutritionist nor am I certified in any way to dole out advice, but I do have my degree in GOOGLOLOGY, which makes me an expert investigator of all things found on the internet. What I've discovered about food cravings is really interesting.  Come, let's take a look:

1. Some sources suggest food cravings are related to nutritional deficiencies, others suggest psychosomatic complaints, while the third groups thinks its a combination of both. 

2. If you crave chocolate and sweets, that's more an indication of your emotional state. Some studies suggest that serotonin is released when you eat something like chocolate. It helps to boost your mood.

3. Craving salty foods may suggest a mineral deficiency, such as lower levels of calcium. You might also be tired, lack energy, fatigue easily, or require more salt because of your active lifestyle. Salt is the lifegiver. 

4. If you crave spicy foods, its suggested (and in my eyes is a bit of a stretch) that you crave the increase in heart rate, spike in adrenalin, and rapid breathing. I have also read that you might crave spicy foods due to poor thyroid functioning. 

5. Water- you need more Omega 3's, Ice- low in iron!

6. Are you craving read meat? You might be missing out on iron, B vitamins, and carnitine.

7. Coffee/Caffeine- Dude, you need a spike in your adrenal gland function. You might be tired, lacking iron, or you might be low in vitamin C. 

Again, I'm no expert, but this is definitely some food for thought. Get it? HA!

Want to know what food cravings say about you?  Take this quiz from Women's Health Mag.

So tell me, what is it you crave the most? Any food that makes you weak in the knees?

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  1. And I though only woman who were pregnant had cravings...



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