Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today, I ran outside in shorts.

It was the CA raziest thing ever. I ran outside in shorts. Granted, I had a long sleeve base layer and compression sleeves, but I didn't have on long pants, earmuffs, and mittens, and that makes a girl super happy. Not my best run with all of the snow still on the road/sidewalks, but I got 'er done.

I've actually been on par for my training this week, although I did cut the speed workout on Tuesday a little short. I just realized that I am in no way Hungry Runner Girl, and 9 miles of speedwork are just not happening.  Instead, I did 7 miles doing a 2 mile warm-up and 3x1600 repeats with a cool down in between and then a final cool down of 1.75 miles. Wasn't the longest speed workout, but I freakin' did it and that's ALL that counts. I overheat like a small dog, so 7 miles was my limit when logging runs at the gym.

See! Look how red my face was! and that was 20 minutes after the run ended. 

Yesterday, I ran 5 unbroken miles on the ol' mill, then did a quick leg workout. Nothing special, made sure to go slow, but again, I'm proud of myself for getting it done.

That evening, I helped to babysit Chris's niece and then headed with Baby Snake and another friend to grab some quick bites and watch The Hypocrites' Romeo and Juliet at the Oberon Theater in Harvard Square.  It was an amazing show with only 4 cast members and a very intimate stage. The whole thing lasted an hour, with patrons having access to the bar throughout the show and were greeted with fortune cookies upon arrival.  The mix of Shakespearean language and today's colloquialisms made for a fun twist on the original show. I highly recommend Bostonaians going out of the experience, as it was only $20, although you have to be fairly well versed in the original play to understand some of the transitions among the characters (as they play multiple parts) in addition to changes in script, such as having Mercutio take some of Juliet's lines in order to play on the relationship between Romeo and his friend.

As was mentioned previously, I was able to get outside for a 5 mile run, making the total for the week 17 miles.  I have a goal of completing another 24 by the rest of this weekend (6 on Friday, 12 on Saturday, and 6 on Sunday). Let's see how that goes, because you know how bad I am at long runs.

I'm off to a family party and then to head into the city to see one of Chris's bestest (not a real word, I know) friends. Time to have some more fun on this vacation week!

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  1. I also only ran in shorts, OH wait it's still summer here....



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