Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I can hear you louder than ever

I'm gonna give a big shout out to the Cold War Kids and their new album.  I'm a big fan.  Really loved their old song "Hang me up to dry" but am totally in love with their newish song "louder than ever".  Anyway, check them out.  I have been recently told they are playing at the House of Blues in March!  If the price is right...  Also, Crystal Castles just released a song with The Cure's lead vocalist, Robert Smith, entitled "I'm not in love".  Sounds about right.  BUT I will forever and always love their song "Courtship Dating" more than anything in the world (its been suggested that Fiddy stole the beats to this song to plug into Ayo Technology, as Crystal Castles were a club hit in Canada prior to it being released on an album).


Yep, that's right I just took those photos with photobooth on my macbook.  What of it? I am so excited for this thing to charge.  Too bad it takes three hours and I need to get in a workout before this evening.  I have plizans tonight, playa.  Remember, this thing is able to keep track of my workouts, my pace, my mileage, and will show me how I've improved over time.  WAGON!! (wagon is how Sara, Olivia, and I say "Yahoo!" because of a mistype in a text.) WAGON!!


Ok, so I didn't know you had to set an autolap to figure out your pace per mile, but check out what I was able to figure out during my treacherous run outdoors in the unshoveled southie warzone.

So my average speed was 6.8 mph, a slow run, with my average pace being 8:49 a mile.  After running 5.62 miles in 49:35:66 and burning 561 (estimate) calories, I am loving this device!

Well the screenshot doesn't really show you much, but my Garmin was able to chart out my exact run and my speed.  I didn't wear the heartrate monitor, but that's a-ok.   My average pace per mile was a little slow, but you have no idea what I was trying to run in.  I'm surprised I didn't twist my ankle!  BUT STILL, this is awesome!  On another run, I'll be able to tell you my splits (how fast I run each mile)!!

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