Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Lord

On this fine Tuesday morning, I began my day with an omelet (quick eggs-cage free chicken egg whites) that was filled with avocado and onions and topped off with a hollandaise sauce. I don't normally put hollandaise sauce on anything, but I was starvingggg and that added a little fatty kick since yesterday was a blockbuster workout day. I also made myself a black tea with vanilla and cinnamon from TJ's (duh) and packed up a lunch that included pesto tortellini with vegetables. For snacks I have included two apples and a cottage cheese with almonds. I forgot to fill up my water bottle, so I'll have to use the water from the fountain in the hall outside my office. I don't even want to think about the lips that have touched that bubbler. Gag.

I'm typing to you today, while my hands are still shaking from yesterday. Its actually my left hand at this point that hasn't stopped shaking when I employ my muscles to even do things like...lift my hand up. Let's review monday, shall we?

I started the day off by getting up at 5:40 a.m., as is the usual, hopped in the shower, made myself an omelet, put together my lunch (consisting of brown rice, broccoli, spinach, and fake chicken (tofu combo job) in a bbq sauce. I added some Frank's red hot for flavor), got my tea, and sprinted out the door for a long day worth of scoring my psychological testing, meeting with parents, meeting with teachers, and testing a student (my job is to make educational diagnoses concerning learning and emotional disabilities). I had high hopes of making it to The Ring Boxing Club by 4:30 but because of an afterschool tutoring program that I help run, I was late in leaving school. Instead, I drove back to southie, quickly changed and then headed over to the Brighton/Allston area to try out my first real class.

I showed up about 15 minutes early so that I could have my hands wrapped. I don't know at what point they teach you how to actually wrap your own hands, but not being able to do so allows me to interact with the really awesome staff at The Ring. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking to John. I looked up his bio on the website. "John’s remarkable career includes coaching the Women’s National Team as well as many national and international amateur champions. Nicknamed “El Torito,” or “Baby Bull” for his speed and aggressiveness in the ring, his favorite part of Disney World is the plane ride home. One of the most experienced and articulate coaches you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting, John may be the only former U.S. Army Green Beret whose all-time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. "

John made me laugh because when I walked in, he told me he remembered me from saturday, and that he saw my picture on their facebook webpage. He then asked if I had intentionally matched my shoes to my tank top, which I didn't, and which didn't match. He joked with me for a few minutes and we talked about how we know some mutual people because they happen to train at Golds Gym in Southie. I then suggested I start to warm up, hopped on the bike, and turned up the resistance. Um, I was sweating by the time we started our Techniques class, which was run by...I think...Rod.
Here is Rod's bio, as listed by the site. "Rod won the Golden Gloves after training for only two weeks and knowing only two punches – no, this is not normal or recommended. His quickest knockout took 13 seconds and one right hand, and although Rod doesn’t get paid to knock people out at The Ring, he might just oblige if you challenge him at Madden. He loves Curb your Enthusiasm, South Park, and Mr. T in ‘Rocky III’. Rod’s favorite post-fight meal is Kentucky Fried Extra Crispy Chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw, and his favorite fighter is his father, Ring Boxing Club Coach Harold Combs."

Rod had us first start with 10 minutes of jumproping. Although it sounds easy, I don't think I've actually tried to legitimately jumprope since the 5th grade in gym class. I was sweating by the end of the 10 minutes and knew that I was in for it. We then put on our gloves, got on the bags, and proceeded to work on our technique. After 10 minutes, we paired up with a partner and began working on our combinations on the same heavy bag. 10 minutes after that, my partner and I began to work on our combinations with each other. I started off and I think I did pretty well! We would do different combinations (1-1-2-1-2) (1-4-5-4-5) etc., and then had 30 seconds of repetitive and fast punches (1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2), with my partner being the target and helping me to focus on punching his pads. We then switched off and I am, pretty sure, that Rod was happy with our performance. I think people look at the blonde hair, the pink sneakers, and some of my other assets and assume I'm going to be a wimp. WRONG.

After 60 minutes of getting my a** kicked and sweating off my makeup, I took my shaking arms home to prepare dinner. I could barely lift them up above my head and had no appetite to eat but remembered from the week before that when I jumped into soccer without having a decent dinner, I felt dizzy and weak. After doing the dishes, I prepared my pesto tortellini/chicken sausage/spinach/broccoli meal. I put on my soccer gear, took a few minutes to watch How I Met Your Mother, drank a big glass of crystal light and sprinted out the door to get to my indoor game in Revere.

Although my team usually plays with BSSC (Boston Ski and Sports Club), we play our indoor games (6 v 6 with boards) with FSSG (Fun Sport and Social Group). The facility in Revere isn't the best, but it worked because we were a late sign up for the season. 8 of us showed up, with no goalie, and only 2 girls. Unfortunately, when you only have 2 girls show up and 2 girls have to be on the field at all times, you don't. stop. sprinting. While stretching on the field before the game, I mentally prepared myself for the 50 minutes of suicide drills that I would be facing. Well, I could keep up with the running if I gave myself some chances to recover but overall my team (who, for most of us, have been playing for 3 years together) played like we have never even seen each other before. Let's just say, we couldn't even keep our head above water. Ah well. Can't win them all.

The rest of my evening consisted of a trip home to Southie, which involved crossing over the Tobin Bridge from East Boston; one of the best views of the city, for only $3. I wish I could have gotten out and taken a picture, but that would have been impossible. Instead I googled an image of the Tobin and Boston, but couldn't find one to show what the view looks like at night.

I got back into Southie and was able to snag a spot at the end of my street. When I got out of my car, I happened to notice a cutie kitty walking in my direction. I started talking to him in a baby voice, as is customary when I meet silly poopie dogs and baby kitties. I kind of sound like Marcel the Shell, when she starts dragging her lint by a hair (in minute 2:10, tee hee). After a few minutes of chatting with the cat, I realized that someone had been standing outside and listening to me the whole time. Awesome.

Today, I'm planning on getting a 3-4 mile run in, either at the gym or around Southie. I have to get my car good and parked before the storm hits, otherwise, I won't have a spot for the next week.
*UPDATE* As of 2:23 p.m., school is officially canceled YAYYAYAYAYAYA!


  1. I don't know how you did all that yesterday. My body feels like someone took a crowbar to it over and over. And jumping rope is hard! Have fun snow-shoeing tomorrow!!!

  2. Let me get this straight . . . you did the boxing class and THEN played indoor soccer? You're amazing.



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