Sunday, January 9, 2011

My life is good. Realllyyy good.

I just wanted to start off with giving a quick shout out to Olivia for letting me sleepover on Saturday, so we could watch Nacho Libre; possibly one of my most favorite films. The name of this post is a quote from the movie. I found a clip of it on youtube here. Honestly, that quote is probably the best description of how I feel about my life. (Actually, this, is my favorite line in the movie, but it has nothing to do with anything I am about to discuss.) Furthermore, it is such a good segway into my Sunday Snowboarding with Steph (alliteration, hollaa).

Like I said, this blog is going to be about my adventures on the way to my marathon, as done by your average twenty-something american girl. Before I get started on my training, I have high hopes of toning my core, strengthening my legs, and keeping up with my ever active and adventurous life. Today, Steph and I headed to Mount Sunapee. I left from Olivia's this morning around 7:10 and got to Steph's around 7:15. The two of us quickly stopped to put some air in her tires (aka Steph put air in her tires and I was fixing my eyeliner. Shut it), get Dunkin Donuts (I'm sorry I had a bagel, I couldn't help myself. I limit how often I eat those bad boys but something in me this morning said PLEASE GOD eat a bagel. At least it was multigrain), fire up the old GPS, and head to Newbury, NH. It was about a 90 minute drive from the city and despite having missed an exit because we weren't paying attention, we got to the mountain about 9:30 a.m.

I hate to admit it, but I haven't been snowboarding in over a year. Last year, the funding to pay for tickets was limited, and I probably spent way too much on cabs and at the bar. Not to mention the fact that since Steph had her big accident a few years ago (broken nose, lost a tooth, concussion, and a dent helmet....she's more beautiful than I have ever seen) and I happened to witness the aftermath, I have been a little freaked out snowboarding. Upon arrival to Mt. Sunapee, I thought it might be in our best interest to start at the bunny hill, so we could even remember how to step on/into/over/through? my board. Steph was in complete agreement, both in terms of funding and nerves. After a morning of practice runs and wondering why this hill was so...insanely small, we decided to go in for a bit of lunch.

I didn't plan ahead, so I had to buy my meal at the lodge. Let's just say there weren't a lot of healthy options, so my advice to you all out there is to pack something healthy. I went with a salad that had chicken and a dash of feta cheese, and my best choice in dressings was russian because I HATE lite italian. I brought my water bottle with me, had a few sips, listened to people talk about their lives, and we were off to tackle the real thing.

Oh my god. We got to the top and although we look great in our pictures, I think we both thought we were going to die. We stayed toward the outer left edge of the trail map you are viewing below and to my left. Bad idea. Although an intermediate run,
it was a little steep for my liking as I was MIA from the scene. Instead, on our next run we stayed more towards the right of this here map. Ahhh, much better. Steph looked like a champ out there, and I was more like a wee fawn on new legs. I kid you not when I say that I was the worst person out there, because there were seriously no beginners or intermediate riders out on the trails. Everyone was a champ.

After a few long runs, an awkward moment with a guy listening to my conversation about coffee and deciding to comment ("Nectar from the Gods"), awkward comment spurring brief conversation about our ability to spot out tools, and our day pass almost up, Steph and I decided to take it indoors and head on home after the great chairlift debacle of 2011. Please inquire within about that story. AHHHh. Steph's legs were sore, and my back and stomach were hurting even more after having boxed yesterday. I also managed to hurt my knee during a particularly graceful fall. Enough of this nonsense. Let me show you pictures of Steph and I looking great instead.

Listen kids. I didn't say I was perfect, I just said I was close to it, just kidding...maybe. Just because I'm adventurous doesn't mean I'm good at everything I do. Let that be a lesson to you. As long as you are willing to go out there and try your best, that's all that matters. Steph and I agreed on the way home that we need to be going much more often this season. I want to get my sea legs back. Donezo.
After another 90 minute ride home and some reminiscing about life, we got back to the city around 5:15ishhhh. I then headed back to Southie in my hot rod. As I was cruising out of the tunnel to cross under 93 and into my homeland, I was abruptly stopped at a red light. In this moment, I was singing the lyrics to my favorite pick me up song ever "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles. Listen closely "if your heart is no where in it, I don't want for a minute. Babe I'll walk the seven seas if I believe there is a reason to write you. A love song. Today". Anyway, I was singing my heart out, feeling really good about life when a bum started cleaning my windshield. I rolled down my window to tell him I didn't have anything to give him and drove away; a big smile on my face. My life is good, realllly good.


  1. You've got to be kidding me! Everything you just said... is my favorite thing to do.!!

  2. Lessons learned from this adventure: 1.) Pay attention to road signs or else you might end up in Canada, 2.) Coffee is the nectar of the gods, 3.) Chairlifts are not our friends. PS I enjoyed the line about me filling the tires and you getting beautified.

  3. I loved every word of this post! Glad you had such a FANTASTIC Sunday Funday!



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