Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've got to be unstoppable.

"My name is weezy
Im almost perfect
and i work harder
than hard workin
bizzare circus
thats where my bar surface
therefore i act a clown
even when im laying on my back
im never backin down
so overstand me
i got a condo in miami
and my doormat is always sandy
and i run louisian-ey
but ive never pulled a hammy
and i got a condo in atlanta
and i always wear a bandan-ey"...

These are some of the lyrics to one of my most favorite pump up songs...Unstoppable Remix as done by Drake featuring santogold's unstoppable and lil wayne. You have to listen to it. Click that link, its an awesome song. You'll thank me later, or now. Probably now. That was a complete side note. I only mention it because it was on in my car driving home, and it made me super excited. I love to run to it, b.t. dubbs. On another side note, I just love santogold (les artistes, you'll find a way, etc. download them. totally weird/totally awesome).

Anyway, yesterday I learned a valuable lesson. I hate eating like crap. I also don't really like drinking for hours on a snow day anymore. Besides the highlight of megan and my day being the cops that waved to us, and the irish coffees, I was just a little grossed out by bouncing from Stats to Playwright and eating pizza and nachos along the way. I donna like that life anymore. Love hanging out with my friends, no likey being gross. As was quoted in Community, "Alcohol makes you sad. Its the lifetime movie of beverages". (Sara please don't have strong reaction to this. I still love to dance, still love to go out, still love to sing, still love to play the game 'Have you met Lauren', will still be me. So don't worry.)

Today, I headed to The Ring after work, and wound up in the 5:30 technique class. I figured out the jump rope this time, discovered my tank top was not meant for boxing, and kept making this cut on my hand worse because of my punches and it rubbing against the wrap. I also learned another valuable lesson today; that you should definitely not pair up with a newbie in boxing, especially a newbie that doesn't love exercise. Just sayin. You don't get your workout in when you're with someone that can't keep up with you. At least I left the gym sweating, probably much more so than any workout I could have come up with on my own. I also have been really good about sticking to my new healthy and tasty lifestyle, and my guns have me to thank. Let me show you.

I'll admit that taking a self photo, in your mirror, with your cell phone, is super uncool. But I was home alone, and I'm showing you how cut I am. Now, if we could only get that to transcend into my stomach area. Then we would be money. Yes we. We're doing this together.

So anyway, after my class I walked over to City Sports because I have been seriously contemplating purchasing a foam roller, as everyone rants and raves about it. Moreover, my calf muscles feel like there are lobsters pinching my legs. After contemplating whether I could get a better deal going to Michael's craft store and buying the same thing for probably $2 dollars (pfft), I caved when the manager said I could use my 20% off coupon even though I didn't have it with me. Welp, I spent $26 on a piece of foam, but its going to be heaven. I also bought a backpack because they were on sale (and because I threw mine away from years of adventure camp destruction). Jackpot! Look!

Ahh what a good day. So I'll sing you a little ditty about dinner "Laurennn went into the friddgee and got out a turkey burger and then cooked it and put it in a low calorie/carb wrap with fat free sour cream, guacamole, and mango salssaaaaa for dinnnnerr!" It was great. Just fantastic. Tomorrow, I'm heading to Somerville to sled with sara and saturday I'm heading to a local mountain with steph to practice boarding in the snow. Now, I'm going to go lay on my foam roller and probably fall asleep on it. I try to end the night with some quiet music and just discovered "just a little" by leigh nash. It seriously melts my heart. I love this. Such a girl song-motivator. Goodnight!

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