Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowday Research!

Ahh the glorious snow day. I'm pretty sure after looking up people's statuses on facebook that public schools weren't the only ones to reap the benefits of a good snow during morning rush hour. Because I had a heads up about our snow day yesterday, I decided to lay low after going to the gym last night, went to bed, read the book Steph let me borrow, fell asleep around 11 and didn't wake up until 10:30 this morning! Wow, someone was tired. I have also decided that exercise should be a big no no today since I haven't taken a day off since last thursday and my calves are barking at me and the only solution I came up with to make them feel better is walking on my toes, taking a hot shower, popping in some advil, and covering them in aspercreme (you bet your ass...percreme!).

Soon Megan and I will be venturing out into the snow to grab lunch at one of the bars and maybe head out to see a movie. Right now I've decided to look up some info about the marathon I will be running in June.

My first stop was looking at the San Diego Competitor and the course map.

UM the end of the marathon is at SEA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this amazingness that I have stumbled upon? Not only is there a band playing at every mile mark, but I get to hang out with my favorite animals in the world!

I also am looking at the water stations, which after having read through Hal Higdon's novice training program, he recommends walking through each one, and it will improve your time. There's pretty much a stop point every mile and a half. They also have two GU energy stations, which will be pretty nice.

I'm also perusing the elevation chart for the course, and I'll notice a big change in elevation at miles 8 through 11. That's exactly where the hills were in the half marathon I ran in November, so Olivia and Sara, could you please place yourselves there for this race. It was such a huge energy boost to see your friends in places you struggle the most. However, this marathon is basically a flat course, so I don't expect too much heartbreak from these hills.

I have also added this link for any prospective spectators (olivia, sara, steph, molly? cecilia! you know you want to!). It might help ease you into this :)

Man, all I need to do is actually train to run this race. Otherwise, I'm all set! I'm so excited for this. I have been keeping up with my pre-training and plan on heading to The Ring tomorrow right after school. (I'm reading this article about how running makes you less fit here. Pretty interesting. Makes me continue to realize the importance of strength training and keeping up with soccer. Those sprints make me a better runner in the long run!) Then its onto the weekend with a nice run, throwing in some snowboarding time with Steph, and Martin Luther parties to spread the cheer!

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  1. Just looked up flights! As of now found a round trip for $269 leaving Saturday 6/4, comin back Monday 6/6! I'm gonna keep lookin!! I want to spectate the ESS outta your sessy running leggies!!! :D



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