Friday, January 7, 2011

Sponsored by the color pink and the Letter F.

Here's to the end of Day 4. I ask if I can be sponsored by the color pink, because everything I own that has anything to do with outdoor adventure or exercise "gear" seems to be pink. I love it! Let me show you!

We'll get into a discussion another day about the sneakers I chose, based on my foot strike and needs. I tend to overpronate (later discussion) and hyperextend my left knee. Because of this, I decided to go with a shoe made with comfort but a lot of support. I also chose to go with a shoe that was pink. After much deliberation, I went with the Nike Lunarglide. I don't care. Hate all you want, if it makes me excited to run because I look cute, then so be it. You never know who you could run into and wow them, with your great taste in shoes.

My clothing is sponsored by the color pink, and also apparently nike. For beautiful outdoor runs, such as the one I took this evening, I chose to go with some nike running pants (dry wick) that hit mid-calf, an underarmor long-sleeved underarmor, a pink nike thermal women's running hoodie with dri fit , and pink 360 earmuffs. PERFECTION. I'm ready to run.

Although I was tempted to go to the gym, I decided for both time management and challenge, I would venture out into the snowy south boston evening and go for a 5.5 mile run. Here is where I get fancy. Because I don't have the money for a Garmin gps distance/pace watch (?), I instead found myself googling running maps and stumbled upon! This is awesome for a beginning runner. Although It would be more awesome to know my pace time, for the moment, I'm ok with charting out my runs through this website. LET ME SHOW YOU.

You may notice in the browser I googled the following phrase "How to take a screenshot". Look at the magic that is the screenshot. OOooOOOoo. Through the beauty of this website, I realized that I ran about 5.5 miles this evening. Jackpot!

Now let me bring you to the Letter F. F stood for Ipod Fail, Form, and Fall. So while I was running in the beautiful snow along the ocean in Southie, with the planes flying above me and the cold air making me light on my feet, I realized I was venturing into uncharted territory, namely...Castle Island, in the dark, in winter. Although beautiful, its not lit very well. Just as I was rounding the bend to get to East Broadway from Carson Beach, my ipod had a fail. A complete FAIL. It shut down and a screen flashed that looked like an IMac from like 1986. I was disappointed because I am such a fan of music, and it really motivates me to run (I will share with you my playlists in a later post). However, I pressed on, even as I ran past a parked car with a guy smoking something that was obviously not legal. Neat.

Then, as I ventured from O street to get to the beloved L street, I passed by a couple walking up the hill to get to probably one of the many southie bars. I darted into the street to avoid them. Just as I had made it back onto the sidewalk, I took about three steps and BIT IT HARD. I mean, HARD. I landed flat on my face...well side. I cut my calf, my elbow (which wasn't even exposed) and my finger. I remember even sliding up the sidewalk a foot because I had so much momentum. I wish I could draw a picture for you. But I digress. I'm not named Lauren the Invincible for nothing, so I immediately popped up, faced the couple who was walking behind me and shouted "Be careful, I think there is something you could trip on!", listened to the guy laughing his face off, and sprinted into the night. This story brings me to the letter of F for form. I was tired at this point in the run, and was going uphill. I wasn't paying attention to my form and was probably evening dragging my feet. F for Fail.

I made it home with no time to spare, in order to go on my date with my favorite Megaloon (Megan, duh). She treated me to a pedi, as this week hasn't been my favorite, and we ventured over to the South End to try out Seiyo, a sushi and fine wine bar. That sushi and wine were BOTH fine. So was the decor. I highly recommend this for a date night, or a night out with a girlfriend. She's so beautiful.

After our delicious meal (and my delicious glass of Pinot Noir), Megan drove me home, only to find out I didn't have my front door key, because I took it with me on my run. After some quick thinking, as Dr. Ryan wasn't home, I buzzed the downstairs neighbor and scared the monkeys out of her. All in all. A great evening.

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  1. Only you would turn a major wipeout into a joke. I would have cried and hobbled off into the night. Yay for snowboarding tomorrow!!!



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