Friday, January 7, 2011

Lauren didn't do anything Days 2 and 3

Well well well. I didn't exercise Wednesday and Thursday and I'm mildly ok with this because 1. I spent a lot of good times with friends and family and 2. I plan on having a weekend full of adventurous and athletic activities. Tonight I will be logging a 5-6 mile run. Tomorrow I'm checking out the boxing club in Boston Called The Ring with Olivia the wonderful (I will update with a post) and am going snowboarding with Miss Stephanie to Mt. Sunapee on Sunday (which I will blog about as well).

I needed a fun filled week because my brain is a little bit out of sorts, and I'm trying to get back in the saddle. Such is life, and even though I'm a school psychologist, I'm not immune to emotional set-backs. Because of this need for an emotional time-out, I went with Stephanie and Molly to see Black Swan at the Coolidge Corner Theater.

I have to say, that even though I'm not a movie fanatic, I am very critical of the films I do see. Although Black Swan was directed by Darren Aronofsky , who brought to life Requiem for a Dream (one of my absolute favorites), The Fountain, and The Wrestler (two excellent movies), in addition to my high hopes of a psychological thriller, I was thoroughly disappointed by the lack of character development and predictability of the film. I won't go into detail, but the storyline is very similar to The Machinist, in which you are not sure what is reality and what is actually a psychotic break by the lead. The ending was also very predictable, as you assumed Natalie Portman was slowly living her life according to her beloved ballet. NOT ONLY did the movie disappoint, I was completely ASTOUNDED by the cast of characters that we were surrounded by, including someone blowing their nose like it ain't no thang, an obviously mentally unwell homeless woman, in addition to an old man who nearly rocketed out of his seat, in turn dropping all of his popcorn on the floor during an especially intense scene. I laughed more than I was thrilled. At least I enjoyed my time with my friends, and got my mind off of my life at the moment.

The next evening I spent in Newton with my Uncle and cousins (who are 11, anddd 8..uh, 9?). They treated me to take out, you tube, cats, and games. One of my favorites was Sumo Ham Slam, where you get your hamsters to go Sumo against each other. You also fill them with food so that they become heavier and don't fall down. I don't know who comes up with this stuff, but they are apparently housed in the same building as my Uncle Pete and his company. They are based out of Newton. If you have to play games with some young kids some time, because I know you all obviously do, I highly recommend Sumo Ham Slam.

I forgot to mention the food I have been "cooking" this week! I've been very very excited to discover a frozen asparagus risotto from Trader Joes that makes my heart sing! Because Jessica and I don't have a microwave, I heated it up on the stove top and then included some Smoked Chardonnay Apple Chicken sausages. Its so easy to make, because everything is already made! For breakfast, I have been having eggbeaters (trader joe's style) with spinach, onions, and a cranberry goat cheese. I pair it with either an english muffin or a cinnamon crumpet. I don't even know what a crumpet is, but they were out of english muffins at TJ's on Tuesday, and these are even BETTER. Oh man, that breakfast makes me melt just thinking about it. Tonight, I might go out for sushi with some friends. I will most likely order the philadelphia roll and a spicy salmon roll, because, I am a creature of habit and love sushi more than anything. For snacks I have been sticking to apples and/or cottage cheese paired with almonds and a little bit of splenda for sweetness. The bananas I bought from TJ's were mushy, so I'm just going to use them to make banana bread...or wait...Jessica will use these to make banana bread. Bahaha.

I bid you adieu my friends. Until I box and snowboard, enjoy yourselves quite a lovely weekend.

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