Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1

Ok. So end of day 1 wasn't the start of my training plan. Instead, I researched some training plans that I thought might be the best fit for me, as a beginning runner. Technically, I'm a beginner because I haven't trained for an event so large before, and I only log about 20 miles a week at the moment. Two of the plans that I was looking at included Hal Higdon's novice training program... or one that I discovered on Runner's World's website (and thanks to the inspiration of my mother, who signed me up for a year's worth of RW as a Christmas present).

Both offer about 16 weeks worth of training for beginners, and since we aren't at 16 weeks til the race yet, I'm going to focus my efforts on keeping up with my mileage, strength training, and learning how to cook. Or at least trying.

Instead, the day started with work, heading to the gym to run for 30 minutes (or about 3.5 miles), and then a pep up dinner made by the one and only Stephanie. We started the evening with a hug, then a mozzarella/cherry tomato/artichoke/basil/olive oil "salad", and moved onto Haddock Au Gratin which actually turned into Cod Au Gratin. Here is the link to the recipe:

Oh wow. It was good. I mean, really good. Stephanie substituted the heavy cream for light, and in the end, it all just tasted like mac and cheese on top of cod. And you guys know how much I love Mac n' Cheese. I would like to add that I did a good job of stirring the cream sauce. Job. well. done. We then moved onto some chocolate/peanut butter frozen yogurt. Mmm doggies. I haven't eaten like that since... I went out to dinner like a couple of weeks ago. Normally I make myself omelets, have a bowl of cereal, or order sushi.

After a lovely dinner and then some show about dancing with old people, weirdos, kids, and Paula Abdul, I skipped over to Trader Joe's on Freshpond Parkway to fill up my basket with treats and goodies, so that I can start making food for myself. Boy, was it a success. One, because I got to really know the checkout guy who talked to me, in depth, about his grandmother's Chinchilla fur coat (don't hate). I also bought a lot of frozen food because, let's face it, no one's expecting miracles from the kitchen ala Lauren.

Actually, that picture doesn't really show you anything Trader Joe's like, or frozen. But you get the idea, the fridge is stocked.

After I got home and squeezed myself into a parking spot in Southie, I then went on to add the two activities I had done for this week in The Complete Runner's Day-By-Day Log 2011 Calendar, a Christmas present also given to me by the one and only Gail.

This week's tip is that if you've hit a weight-loss plateau, add miles or workouts to your week; and keep your caloric intake steady. Um, I hit a plateau like in 2005. Oh well. I also read about January's inspirational theme which consisted of thinking of my workouts as psychotherapy. It means that there is no better way than a hard run to diffuse stress, reflect on a day's sour events, console yourself over a painful incident, or dispel rage. Ok...well, yea I guess I will do that when I feel that way. Today, my mind was just looking forward to dinner and the week ahead. Man, its already the end of Tuesday. What whatttt.

Thanks for listening!


  1. Lauren. I love this blog. You are a funny pickle and I can't wait to read all your posts!! I think you got me with "mmm doggies." Reading this is like hanging out with you. THE BEST! Keep it up!! :)

  2. Very nice Lauren. I would read about your journey on a journey anyday. And maybe I just will. Keep on truckin mcmuffin.

  3. Meals are always best when started with a hug. I'm glad you enjoyed the food and that I didn't poison you. Also, you missed another 80-something yr old lady dancer after you left. In a leotard no less. It was pretty saucy.



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