Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What could possibly be so exciting in the life of lauren?

Well my fine, fabulous friends...I will tell you. I have officially signed up for my first marathon! It's the Dodge Rock n' Roll Marathon in San Diego, CA on June 5, 2011!

I would like to thank the work I did on my mind, body, and soul over the summer (which I will discuss in a later blog), the motivation it provided me with to train for my first half marathon (Chilly Half Marathon, Newton, MA in November of 2010. 1 hour 57 min finish), and the beauty of the peace I have attained through my most recent breakup (in a long long string of relationships) in order to provide me with the strength to begin this journey.

For the next six months, I would like to take you through my training. I will first begin with how I got started and why. Throughout this time, I'll discuss my training plan, including the ups and downs; the good moments and the bad. I also think it would be fun to let you in on the effects a nutrition plan can have on helping me achieve this goal. Hello new love for cooking?!?!

Please feel free to share your stories, to give me tips, and to send pictures. I would love to be able to incorporate all of this information, along with my own research, to motivate other people to begin their journey as well.

I am just your average 27-year-old rock star living and loving in Boston. I work as a school psychologist in the suburbs of the bean, and keep active through running, indoor/outdoor soccer, snowboarding, hiking, and through the beauty of my summer job at an adventure camp. I also just signed up for a month at a boxing gym. I have always been active, but have never pushed myself to my limits, for fear that it would interrupt with my social and/or love life. I also hate to cook, so I better get over that pretty soon, because eating is as much a part of the training as is the running.

This is one of the biggest lifestyle changes I have undertaken in a long time, due to a recent chain of events that have come help me to understand that the time I have spent out socializing on weekend nights in Boston might be better spent working on my body, the relationship with my friends and family, and with the relationship I have with myself.

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  1. Well to help you kick off your desire to cook, tonight when I make dinner I'll tell you everything I did so you can easily reproduce it on your own. Come hungry :)



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