Saturday, January 29, 2011

Team in Training!

Well friends, I have officially signed up to be a Team in Training member!  This is superbly awesome because I will be raising money for cancer research, while also working with a personal trainer/coach throughout my marathon training.

Look for a future post that explains more of the program, as well as a link to donate. :)  You can also expect a party come April or May to help me with my fundraising goal!  Maybe a Southie Pub Crawl!  Oh, that will be so fun!!!

In addition, I will be assigned a training plan based on my needs as a runner, access to elite runners as trainers, as well as physical therapists in the case that I suffer an injury.  I will also be running with a South Boston Running Club every Saturday morning at 7 a.m. following the kickoff event happening on February 4th at Boston University.

During this time, I will also be paired up with a patient going through treatment or in remission, and they will be a support system and a face for my cause.  I think that might even be the best part, to really get to know someone who is a survivor.  I have been so blessed in my life, that I don't have many immediate family members suffering from painful diseases or even personal/emotional issues (although supporting Diabetes research might be a direction I go in, in the future, because of my close connection to some of my favorite people "surviving' with that condition).

After finishing my half marathon, I felt a sense of accomplishment but realized that those feelings are fleeting.  I think being tied to both this blog and raising money and awareness for blood cancers will feel like a spiritual awakening.  I absolutely can't wait!


  1. Congrats! TNT is a great program! Good luck with your marathon training!

  2. Hello from across the pond! I followed the link in your email over to your blog and just thought I would say hi!

    You have chosen a great charity to raise money for and I bet pairing up with a patient will be massively rewarding for you both! All you have to do now is run the Marathon...should be easy right lol??

    If you can get some coaching from some elite marathon runners then you should definitely try and make it a regular thing as they can teach you so much without even trying! I recently attended a training session with some elite Team GB track athletes and I am still trying to digest all the tips and training advice they gave me!

    Good luck with the training!




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