Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yo yo yo yoga face yo yo yoga face

I absolutely loved taking the Yoga class at South Boston Yoga with Megan. I was so surprised! Best of all, because it was an introductory class, it was free! Ok, so let's backtrack.

I left school about 45 minutes after it got out and headed to Golds to go for a run. Although I had originally planned on doing a 3-4 miler, around mile 1 I had to stop because my legs were so tight, I thought my calves and shins were going to explode. Thankfully, they did not, but I had to stop at mile 2 to stretch out, again. I finally called it quits around mile 3.25. I was fine with the amount I ran, but was a little disappointed because I'm totally over having tight shins and calves, thus making my ankles feel like they are encased in bricks. Sigh.

Fast forward to 2 hours later, where I met up with Megan at South Boston Yoga, signed up for

my free class, grabbed a mat, and went into a very quiet room; whispering as we updated each other on the goings-on in our lives. I spent the next hour and a half in complete shock at how inflexible I was, but how excited I was to try out this new stretchfest. It felt like complete bliss and I was even surprised to find myself sweating! I basically watched Megan the entire time, because I didn't know boo about yoga, but I was able to keep up, no problem (mostly). Man, what a work out for every muscle in your body, especially my core, which I know is the most untoned area of my body. Yep. Its true, I can't lie. Kickin calf muscles, not so much in the core. I decided to buy the unlimited 2-week newbie package for $25 and will try to balance yoga, with boxing, with running throughout the rest of January. God, I'm so interesting and complex.

Sara mentioned that I have totally been on a Manic high, which is probably true, but seriously, what an awesome thing to get a high off of. I've been bouncing around to different exercise classes and have just loved them all. Tomorrow, I'm squeezing in a run before heading to Rudy's in Somerville for a Girls night, Girls niiight. Then I'm checking out Crossfit on Saturday...with a saturday night shindig at the New England Aquarium for Steph's company work party. Yes, you read that right. I'm going as her date, and Winter Wyman has rented out the entire aquarium. Can you say awesome?

Let me also end this post with two songs that are perfect for the yoga master in all of you. First off is Lissie's Everywhere I go, who opened at the City and Color concert (who I also recommend listening to. Love love love songs like... Sleeping Sickness, Casey's Song, The Girl, Coming Home, Save Your Scissors) at the Somerville Theater last January, and Steph reminded me that I loved so much (as she and I went together). Second, is a song by Iron and Wine called The Trapeze Swinger that was playing during the meditation portion of our Yoga class this evening.

*Another update! Another SNOWDAYYYYY! I'll pay for it in June, but it looks like I'm hitting up Yoga at noon and then a run at golds. Hopefully I'll get 4 miles in!


  1. First off, I can totally do all the poses in the pic at the top of the post (not really). Second, you have to also download "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine. Love, love, love.

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