Saturday, February 12, 2011

Get dressed, jump out of bed, do your best.

Yes my friends, The Strokes have a new album out, and their first released single Under Cover of Darkness is included in the title of this post.  Now lets talk about my stellar week....

So, to my disbelief and some fancy finagling, I was able to get to the gym today to do some strength training.  However, although the circumstances surrounding this week could certainly contribute to what I saw on the scale....I am sad to report that the weight I had lost has crept back on (3 lbs.  I was still proud).  I think its a combination of a little less exercise (I run more during the week than this first week of training had me do), not sleeping as much lately, stress at work, as well as a little reality check about the state of my dating life, as being the most likely causes contributing to the jump in numbers.  I bet I'm trying to find the comfort from a day by supplementing hugs with candy or something.  Anyway, I eat pretty well, I'm just assuming I'm doing some mindless noshing at some point.  Time to be more mindful of my eating habits again, instead of obsessive.  Lets take a look at some sweet eats, shall we?  Oh yea, and Happy almost Valentine's day.  I'll have a really great post on "Galentine's Day" next annual (yes, annual) tradition that celebrates me and the women in my life.

First off we have breakfast:

Lately I have been switching back and forth between my omelets and my oatmeal.  Today's breakfast is the infamous omelet that consisted of: Cage-Free egg substitute from Trader Joe's (60 calories), spinach, onions, some mint leaves, cranberries, and blueberry goat cheese (80 calories/serving.  Also, APPARENTLY my beloved cranberry goat cheese is seasonal.  Boooo.).  On the side we have a beautiful bread thing.  I can't think of what you call it, and I'm too tired to get up and look at the name of it.  Oh my god, what. is. it. called.  Um, not a croissant, ummmmmm it has holes, OK my brain is dead.  I'm getting up to look <walks into kitchen.  opens drawer.  pulls out package of...> CINNAMON CRUMPETS.  Ok, so on the side we have a cinnamon crumpet with balade butter.  My drink of choice is a Mango Black Tea from Trader Joe's (that didn't cool down for three hours this morning, even when I put my tumbler outside of the window of my office).  

After a few confusing meetings, harried moments, and kids...I finally got a chance to very very quickly eat my lunch.  Today, I had a spinach salad with 3 oz. of chicken, half of a small avocado, a serving of my blueberry goat cheese, mushrooms, and my absolute favorite salad dressing in the world: Trader Joe's Cranberry Walnet Gorgonzola dressing.  Ohhh, I love this dressing. 

After sprinting out of school to work in another location for the afternoon, I had a half serving of Fage greek yogurt, which I absolutely hate, which I'm absolutely choking down and adding 3 packets of splenda to make it even feasible to eat.  I think the stuff tastes awful but its 60 calories for half a serving, and I think I might be lactose intolerant so I've been taking a little break from cottage cheese.  Yogurt has good bacteria floating around in it, and you don't process yogurt lactose like you do cheese.  Its weird, I don't get it, I just read about it.  

Furthermore, I added pumpkin granola (1/2 serving, yet regardless... could be the culprit for added calories) cranberries, and some almonds to the mix. 

School ended and I headed to the gym, then sprinted home in time to pick up my dinner for the evening (boo bear's family only ever has pizza and pasta to eat) and began babysitting.  Here is a photo documentary of the evening, so as to respect the privacy of the family I work with.

The meal was my absolute favorite from Taipei Tokyo in South Boston.  I had a philadelphia salmon roll (4 pieces) and a vegetable udon soup.  I also added in some grapes, a small scoop of chocolate gelato (not shown) as well as my best friend: water.  FYI i have water with me at all times.  Usually I drink it out of my metal reusable earth friendly water bottle, but tonight I just stuck to tap water and a glass.  Looking back on my day, I probably could remove some of the cheese I like to consume, get rid of a gelato jaunt, as well as remove the hershey kisses that were consumed at 3 p.m. after opening my bag of Galentine's Day chocolates to make my friend's some grab bags.  Ooops.  Good to know!  What's even gooder to know is that tomorrow is a new day.

In 6.45 hours I will be up to start getting ready for my first run with my South Boston Running team. Wish me luck!  And yes.  I took all of the photos in this post.  HOLLAAA.

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