Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Shamrocks, Purple Pandas, Pink Surprises, and... Chia Pets?

I had such a busy day at work, the only thing that reminded me it was St. Patrick's day was my green shirt and wristband that had a green clover on it.  Oh, and the cupcake that I ate (aka licked off the frosting and threw out the cake part) was bedazzled in green shamrock love!  Honestly, if there is one thing I love more than nachos, its frosting.  

After school, I had to participate in the March Madness basketball tournament.  Students pair up with their opposite gendered teachers and form teams of 3 that compete in a bracket tournament.  The students loooveee this tournament because they get to design costumes for the team to wear.  So, everyone looks silly on top of having fun playing basketball. I only had one team this year.  Our names were the Purple Pandas.  Needless to say, we won't be making it to the finals that happen tomorrow.  Oh well!  

As for the rest of my St. Patrick's day...I'm unsure where the night will take me.  Although after my phone call, just this second with Sara Baby Snake, it looks like I'm heading to the Atlantic Beer Garden. Many of you readers know that Boston is front and center in the festivities, and a lot of us South Boston residents save our celebrations for parade Sunday.  However, because its such a beautiful day, I may very well try to venture out this evening.  This will all happen after Jessica and I finish The Fighter, as I walked home into its open arms.

I hate to admit it though, because of the timing of everything that happened today, it doesn't look like I'm going to get in a run.  I feel a little frustrated by that.  Some days, I just have to remind myself that its ok to take a day off.  I plan on running 5-6 miles tomorrow after school (before heading out to The King and I Thai Cuisine for dinner with my favorites) and then am getting in a 10 mile run on Saturday morning with my training team.  Ce la vie! 

Oh yea...and guess what I bought from amazon!
A PINK FUELBELT HAHAHAH.  Yay for pink outdoor gear. Fuel belts become important once you start trekking out into the world longer than ten miles.  Maybe an elite athlete could do without one, but surely a first time marathoner can't.  It will hold all my super awesome fueling gear such as water, gatorade, and energy GU.

 I also bought a three pound bag of Chia Seeds after obsessing over Hungry Runner Girl's Blog.  I love love love her blog, although I'm totally jealous that her entire body is the size of my arm.  Ok, so why would I eat Chia seeds that basically are known to the public through the wonders of Chia Pets?  Well let me tell you.  Ok you either you sprinkle Chia on food, or dissolve chia in which point it turns into a gel that you suck down.  Why that's awesome is because it can hold 12x its weight in gold er water.  So, it fills you up like woah.  It also helps to hydrate you before, during, or after long runs without weighing you down with too much water.  Chia seeds also help to balance your blood sugar, which is great, because between 8 and 9 a.m. every morning I feel a crash and go on carb witch hunts.  Its a bloody mess. ON TOP OF all of those wonderful qualities, it also helps to regulate your digestive system, which lordy lord knows I need all the help I can get.

I can't wait to show you my new "toys" when they get here!  


  1. My curiosity got the best of me after reading your post title. I didn't know that about the chia seeds. I sure wish I could eat one of those cupcakes instead.

  2. If we had health shop that sold Chia seeds I would buy them I also hear that they are good for you and would love to try them. I do long runs all the time and never leave home without my Camelbak. (or I plan my route around water)

  3. I am positive I could have gotten them around here, but I ordered them off of, my one stop shop for everything in my life lately.



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