Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When times are tough...

Going from the high high I felt yesterday, to the current state of affairs tonight, has really been a shock to the system.  I really had to start from scratch this evening, in order to stay motivated to run.  I know I talk about work all the time on here, but the caseload is really getting to me.  I would give anything to have a lifestyle that allows for runs in the morning (I'm up at 5:30) or one that allows for flexibility within the work day, but I don't. I also work 10-11 hours a day, and come home feeling a tad "mis" or miserable, for all of you who don't understand the language of middle schoolers.

After searching for emoticons that appropriately displayed my current emotional state, I've selected one from MySims Wiki.

HAHA. It's making me crack up. HAha, I keep looking at it and I keep laughing.  FYI, My friends say I have an uncanny ability to keep laughing, even when tears are streaming down my face.

Speaking of which, I felt like pulling my hair out today when I got home and realized I had a goal of running about 5.5 miles tonight.  There was nothing left in my body to give from the day, but I told myself I had to get out there.  After some good whining, Peter Griffin of Family Guy style, I made my way to the streets of Southie, to kick out a good run.  However, after 1.5 miles in, I stopped.  I stopped to take off my running jacket because I felt hot, even though it was around 32 degrees.  But then I stopped again, because my brain died and I couldn't push myself anymore.  So, I decided to select an uplifting song to help me push myself, and chose John Legend's "Greenlight".  Hopefully now, I could be taken into my running high.  Except for the fact that after about 30 seconds into the song, my Ipod died from the cold and my garmin died from a dead battery, all in the same moment.


So what does lauren do to stay motivated?  Here are some tips.

1. I'm training for something big.  Like...a marathon.
I know from personal experience that when I have an event to train for, I'm more likely to push myself to get a workout in.  So my good friends, if you want to stay motivated, sign up for races big and small, and don't doubt that you can't do it.  Go mom go is doing it, she signed up for a 5k...and my mom hates to sweat.  Go mom go admits that having something to work for makes you want to go out there and kill it, even when you've had the worst day of work ever.

2. Think of your stupid ex, boss, friend, in-law, etc. 
You want me to admit a secret of mine?  I like to envision my previous boyfriend seeing the results of my race.  You know why?  Because I'm awesome, and I'm going to kill it, and I like to imagine myself sprinting in front of their face while shouting "YOUR LOSS"!  It helps, believe me.  Its what makes the end of my runs faster than the beginning of my runs; I like to envision those moments in my head, and how I'm awesome.  Its also helped to improve my self-esteem, just as a bonus.  I guarantee it works. Try it.  Maybe it's your boss that gets to you, maybe you're fighting with a friend.  Just think of killing it in front of them.  BOOM, you're on fire!

3. Exercise is energy
I have to remind myself all the time that runs actually make me feel BETTER as compared to feeling worse.  Never, ever, has a run let me down.  I always wind up feeling refreshed and have an overall high energy level when I exercise.  You know how I often refer to exercise science as science and magic?  Well, that's because it is.  For some reason, when you exercise you get more energy, as compared to feeling more drained.  Like I said, its all magic and science.  

4. Stay in the moment!
Mindfulness.  Its key.  I got out there tonight and started to get lost in thoughts while trying to push myself to compete against my garmin.  The moment the garmin and my ipod died, I had to be with just me again.  So, to stay in the moment, I thought about the moment, and only that moment.  I stepped away from myself, and began to feel and listen to my breath, I felt the pavement underneath my feet, I felt the way my foot lands on the ground, I felt the way my body feels strong when going up hills, and how amazing it feels the moment I'm done with said hills; recoveries make me feel awesome.  Stay in the moment in running, its so therapeutic.

If there's anything I've learned since taking up running, its how I feel much more confident in myself, and how I know that regardless of what responsibilities I have weighing on me, I know that running is always going to make time for me.  It will be there in the end of a difficult day or the best day of your life.  Furthermore, running makes me feel important, it makes me feel powerful, and it makes me realize that I can accomplish anything, great or small.  Go get 'em tiger!

Anyone else have tips on how to stay motivated?

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  1. All great points. I like the mindfulness the most. Staying in the moment IS therapeutic.



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