Monday, March 7, 2011

Go lauren go!

Ok, I am becoming slightly obsessed with my training.  I sleep, eat, and dream about running, and am even starting to enjoy having to carve time out of my schedule, on the worst of days, to get in a run.  I will say that tonight is a different story, because although I should have really done some strength training this evening, I think its ok to have taken a rest day.

Furthermore, I am really enjoying the lifestyle that running and participating in running events has had in changing my social circle.  Although I will always and forever keep the friends I have now, its been amazing to meet new people through running, and the stories I have heard when I tell people that I'm training with Team in Training for the San Diego Marathon. I can't believe I signed up for this whole thing on a whim and manic moment, and how many doors its opened along the way.  Like today, I signed up to volunteer at the Multisport Expo in Cambridge, MA, at MIT on Saturday the 19th.  There are going to be a ton of vendors, as well as competitive multi-sport athletes attending; a surefire way to add some fuel to my already blazing fire.  I also have the pleasure of running with a fine group of athletes every saturday from now until June, and the motivation and support network has been unparalleled, thanks in part due to facebook!

I am also in the midst of planning a Fundraising party for May 7th.  Mark your calendars.  Event details and location, to be announced, but at least I have the date set! 

Finally, I have become obsessed with the thought of not only completing my marathon, but running quickly enough to qualify for Boston!  I've looked up information on the Boston Athletic Association website (image courtesy of   Women within my age group need to qualify with a time of 3 hours 40 minutes.

I know, you are all looking at me like I have five heads.  But listen to me!  I set a goal of completing my half marathon in less than two hours (accomplished! 1 hour 57 min), and not walking for even one second of it.  Miles 5-8 were in Heartbreak Hill and I was seriously undertrained, thanks to my lack of motivation to want to kill it.  However, I'm going into this new marathon with renewed faith and ambition.

I mean, I have been looking at my pacing and in my recent 3.5 mile run, my splits were: Mile 1-8:06, Mile 2- 7:30, Mile 3- 8:05, and Mile .5- 7:50.  I know that in my last long training run, I ran it easy to keep pace with one of my teammates, but when I started to break away for individual stints, my splits fell around the 8:20 mark.  Call me crazy, but I think having my motivation paired with my ability to set and accomplish all of the goals I have set for myself in life... this might actually be something I could accomplish; all done with the right fueling, training, and by losing a few pounds to increase time.  I would have to maintain an 8:23 pace.  Hmm...

FINE fine fine.  Even if I can't pull it together, hey...I still will be completing a marathon.  At least it gives me something to shoot for.

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  1. yup, you've found the running drug. now enjoy the ride.



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