Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dear Readers,
    This week has been full of MERGHS (working late, pain in leg, weird fortune, expensive bill) and YAHOOS (a better fit for all, start of april break yessss!)!

    Let me explain: First off. a Mergh:

Ok well it was pretty sweet when I got a mini package from go mom go that included sticky notes and these fortune gumballs.  The weird part was when I opened my love fortune.
It read:
"Your soul mate is the chubby one standing with the ice cream cone."

Uh. ok. Neat.

Merghs number two and three go hand in hand. First off, lots of work before vacation, meaning late nights with no chance to run.  Mergh.

Then, with no chance to run, the days that I did run, I experienced a lot of muscle pain in my shin/calf area.  Basically, I have an unstable ankle joint.

I kind of knew this about myself, because when I am on heels...although I'm quite comfortable in heels and came out of the womb in them, my ankle has always wobbled a little.

Ok, I've always noticed this, but what I didn't know is how it affects your running.  Basically, with the wrong type of shoe, the entire time I run, the more my ankle and calf are trying to stabilize my gait.  Its kind of like I run on stability balls.  Hey my calves might look beautiful but the more I train, the more this hurts and the more I have to stop.  BLERGH AND MERGH.

Why is that annoying?  Because I just got fitted for new shoes at Marathon Sports and this is the second time I have been burned by them!  Instead, I went to the South Boston Running Emporium to have my gait and arches looked at.  Bill, the owner, has run 30 marathons and still drinks like a fish.  I trust him, he's a straight shooter who hates barefoot running and speedwork.  His fastest race was a 2:40 finish when he was 21.  To this very day, although I don't know how old he is, but roughly 25-30 marathons later, he still ran Boston last year in 3:05.  

Ok so Bill checked out my swagger...

And just as I had hoped and feared....

I'm wearing the wrong frick frack shoe.  

This is me realizing I have bought shoes, and spent good money, on something that makes running harder for me, rather than helping.

Ahhh, even with my team and training discount at the Running Emporium, I still had to spend a lot of money on a new shoe.  But, as I told Bill and will tell all of you; I would rather spend that money then not be able to complete this.  I would rather run pain free and feel that high, then sit one out or have to walk because the tightness of my muscles makes it impossible for me to run.

So now, onto the YAHOOOSS!

This was me, after realizing that I'm in a better spot with my new shoes: 
The Asics Gel-Kayano.  In White and Blue.  Sadly, I knew pink shoes would be too good to be true.

Here is the review of my shoe (rhyming, holllaa) here at Runner's World.
Although, I've just pasted it basically for you below:

The Kayano's plush, foot-hugging comfort is a pleasant surprise in a shoe that offers so much impact protection. The heel packs a heap of Gel cushioning, providing a supportive landing pad for the foot and helping to make this update one of the heaviest shoes in this guide. Testers loved the Kayano's support and fit but were split in their opinions of the off-set lacing system, with an equal number loving and hating the way it wrapped the forefoot. Recommended as a stable, well-cushioned everyday training shoe.

I don't know about the reviewers, but I think the off-set lacing system gives it street cred.  Makes them look bad donkey.  

Did any of you get that joke?

I work in schools give me a break.

Ok another Yahoo is, that, its school vacation!
Because of this, I get to sleep for a whole week, rest up, relax, enjoy the Boston Marathon, cheer for my coaches, cheer for Skinny Runner, cheer for myself, run 16 miles next saturday, and give myself a break in the sunshine!

Also, here is a pizza I heated up ala Trader Joe's, but added some pizzazz to it, to make it more satisfying.

It was a veggie pizza for 250 calories.  I added apple chicken sausage and some goat cheese for flavor.  Delish!

Tomorrow, I am getting in a 10 mile run with Kristy and Saturday I'm coaching the B.A.A. running relay team!  

And remember kids...whatever you do, if you're training for an important race, big or small, the right shoe is the MONEY MAKER!


  1. I'm coming over to take you a run in your new shoes and to eat that PIZZA...

  2. that would be an expensive plane ride!

  3. Just found your blog! I think I'm in the same boat. I bought Nike Free Runs (terrible), then some Asics just off the shelf at Finish Line and now I realize I should probably go to a running store to have my gait and all that analyzed and get some shoes specifically for me. Bleh. But, glad you got the right shoes now! I tend to buy running shoes since they're pink sooo probably not the smartest move haha. Have a great Sunday!

  4. Thanks for finding me! Gah, shoes can really make or break running. So frustrating! Also, I'm feeling you on the whole pink shoe thing. I was finally convinced that was not the way to go when my legs were going to break off haha.



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