Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MIA lauren

Blogging is difficult when it starts to get nicer and when your social life continues to be a top priority, on top of having to work and train.  Seriously, my days usually look like this: work, train, socialize somewhere with someone at something.  I also think that this is the first week in my marathon training history (about 4 months long haha) that I actually have been completing all of the training runs and crosstraining sessions I should be.  Ahhhh crazy professional life as a school psychologist!

Yes, I know that's bad, but listen, I'm doing the best I can here! Learning to balance all the things that are important to me has certainly made me prioritize my happy places.   I looked at pictures of myself from even last summer, and I can't ever go back to that.  I want to keep pushing myself, I want to get more toned and lose some weight. I fear that after all of this training is finished, that I'll go back to letting my social life be more of a priority than my fitness.

After my 20 mile run and fundraiser on saturday (pictured on the left), I played in two softball games on sunday and gave myself a break in the training front.  Looking back, I really enjoyed my time during my 20 miler.  I love listening to music, so for 3 hours and 10 minutes, it was a nonstop dance party.  It also made me laugh to think that I was running the entire course of the Arlington bike path, where most of the cyclists were going out for a 20 mile ride...and I was running it!  I fueled properly before, I hydrated properly during with both water and powerade (salt and electrolytes!!!!) and took two powerade gel's.  They went down a little more easily than my gu's, and even though they had less caffeine, I think the higher salt content was actually better for me.  I literally, at the end of my run, could wipe salt off of my face.  It was hilarious.  I didn't have any gastrointestinal issues (thank the LORD), and felt really confident that my marathon would go similarly.  Also, sorry for never having pictures of me running, but there is no where to put a camera.  I don't know how the rest of the people do it.

Come monday, I crosstrained on the elliptical for 55 minutes and did weights for 30 minutes.  Tuesday was a 5.5 mile running involving hills and speedwork, today was a 4.35 mile run with a neato training partner, and tomorrow I plan on crosstraining again (with weights).  Saturday starts our tapering, which scares me to death, because its only 10 miles and from here on out...say 3 to 4 weeks...I run less and less on the weekends to freshen my legs for the marathon during the first weekend of JUNE! Like I said, I'm a little freaked out about this all coming to an end...but hope that I enjoy the marathon ever so much that I continue to want to train this summer!  I also am taking the entire summer off to get my sleep habits in check, and maybe start boxing while also running.  I want this to be a summer about me.

From here on out, my school routine looks like its calming down, so that I can actually stick with my training plan.  I also have signed up for the Harpoon Brewery 5 miler, that looks super sick and awesome and will be a nice little practice event before the big marathon.  I also get to run it with my soccer teammate, Mario, although I am not playing outdoor this season.  I know it probably wouldn't have been a big deal, I just didn't want to hurt myself before the marathon or wear out my tires.  I'll join my team again come fall!

 (Image courtesy of 2 beer guys beer blog)

Get this, it's on May 22nd and it only cost me 40 dollars, while the rest of the world had to pay 100 and enter into a lottery to run it.  Its also only about a mile from my apartment, in Southie.  Here are the Race Benefits:  Race fee:  $40 and includes....
  • Entrance into the 10th Annual Harpoon 5-Miler
  • Commemorative Race T-shirt
  • Post Race Party at the Harpoon Brewery
  • 2 beer tickets
  • Post race meal provided by Kayem and Bertucci’s
  • Lots of fun with our corporate partners
  • Helping us raise over $100,000 for The Angel Fund!
AWESOMEEEE. I can't wait!  I love this thing called running!  I want to keep signing up for events to keep me motivated.

I also love spring.  Sorry if I'm on and off this thing, but its hard for me to be tied to my apartment and blog because I am a super social butterfly and like to flit about the city whenever I can!  However, I know that blogging has helped me stay connected to my cause, both in fitness and in fundraising for team in training, and I love the support from my readers out there.  Each comment is so refreshing and supportive.  ALSO, big props to Kelly from Cook Skinny (check out her blog because she is super gorgeous AND can cook) for giving me the versatile blogger award!  I feel like I made it!  Happy wednesday!

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  1. You will get that feeling during the tapering process and after the marathon like "what the hell am I gonna do now" You've trained so hard for months and now it's all about to come to an end. Remember the training is the tough part. The marathon itself is the easy part! Happy running. I'm sure you do great in your marathon. :)



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