Friday, May 13, 2011

Nice JOB blogspot. pffft.

The posts have magically reappeared!  I'm scared....I'm going to delete the original one and redo it on this post.  Here is a recap of the one that involved tapering, from the perspective of my coach, Becca.  As I had mentioned previously, I owe Becca my firstborn child.

It is VITAL that you are completely rested for your 26.2 mile journey. You NEED to reduce your distance. These last three weeks is when you seriously need to  taper. Listen to your body, stretch, "less is best", clip your toenails, lots of water, healthy meals (you won't be burning as many calories, keep that in mind), sleep, and my favorite a massage, one for before (where they work on your legs) and one for after your marathon.

If you find yourself becoming extremely anxious, take a breath. Come up with a plan, and stick to it. Envision yourself on race day. Simple things like the outfit you are going to wear, how you plan to run your race. I like to break it down into "The Tens". I try to get the muscles flowing in the first ten miles, work hard in the next ten miles where I am really concentrating, and race the last 10k with everything I have left. I try to run negative splits, where I am passing runners at the end and not the one getting passed. It does so much for me mentally. My favorite is envisioning crossing the finish line knowing that regardless of my time, I did the BEST I could.

Even having a plan for what you are going to pack, so you don't have to think about it the few days before! Start now with a list! How about if you are running a marathon where you have never been before? When I raced in San Fransisco, I had all sorts of "things to do" printed out, in which I made while tapering, so when I got to CA I had a plan with lots of sightseeing! I called the hotel to see what they recommended, so when I arrived everything wasn't already sold out! Most of you are going to San Diego, just remember so are 30,000 other runners. Plan accordingly. Check out now if you can tour the course! I have done that, and I LOVE it! 

As you taper, concentrate on reading books. Watch the movie Spirit of the Marathon its awesome and it will motivate you! 

It is normal to feel anxious or nervous prior to a marathon. Even the most seasoned runners experience these feelings. Stay away from runners/ friends who are excessively stressed out or are negative. Don't let these individuals affect your state of mind. Personally, I have a few people who I dont visit  the weeks leading up to my marathon.

In these next few weeks, come up with TWO goals:
1. Realistic but challenging
2 your ultimate goal

With the list above, be flexible, and make it realistic, (for example, if you don't run sub 8's in a 10k, don't count on it for a marathon). Try to stay within these goals during your marathon! KNOW that YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

You are prepared and ready. You have worked SO hard. TRUST in yourself that you have done the work. You need fresh tapered legs when you toe the line!! As always, I am SUPER proud of you all! Enjoy these next few weeks!


  1. Great advice for a marathon, thanks!!

  2. Hi Lauren! I will be running my first half marathon on June 26 with only eight weeks of training, so your tips are greatly appreciated. A few questions for you: do you run with a water bottle, ipod or sport watch when competing in the marathon? Or are those things simply reserved for training? By the way, I like how you pointed out that it's normal to feel anxious and nervous before the day of the actual run, as I feel restless just thinking about it. However, I know I can do it! Again, thanks for the tips!

  3. In the marathon I'm going to be taking my iphone for music, but I have an armband with an extra pocket so I can stick in my powerade gel's, bodyglide, etc. The marathon is sponsored by gu, so I won't die if I don't have the gels, but I actually prefer them because they have a higher sodium content. I really don't want to wear my fuelbelt, but I'm going to bring it just in case I get nervous.

    I ran 10 miles this morning with just one gel and no water and felt ok, so I definitely don't recommend wearing one for the half. There are so many water stations that you won't need it. I ran my half without water or fuel and felt fine, although I didn't know as much about running then. I also ended my half with the worst stomachache on the planet and gastrointestinal issues. Drink plenty of water the week before, and try to take down a gu, gel, chomp, shotblock, swedish fish etc. around the 45 minute mark.

    Anxiety is what floats my boat lately haha. :D



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