Thursday, January 2, 2014

Movin' on up...but remember to foam roll!

This past week, Chris (bf) and I decided to switch out of our basement sweatbox gym in order to begin training at the Boston Sports Club at Wellington Circle.

This BSC location includes cardio equipment, strength equipment, a basketball court, pool, yoga studio (it's beautiful), spin studio (also beautiful), group exercise classes (including paying extra for barre classes or TRX/UXF), babysitting for the littles (if you're into that whole baby thing), and towel service! Its amazing. They even have the elusive Woodway treadmill! Connected to the gym is a juice bar and cafe offering juices, protein drinks, as well as a sundry of other small snacks.

With the help of switching gyms, my workout summary for the week includes: 

Sunday- 4 mile run, 30 min weights
Monday- 3 mile run, 25 min bike, 15 min elliptical, 30 min weights
Tuesday- 3 mile run, 1 hour cardio sculpt
Wed-off- New Years Day!
Thur- 4 mile run, 20 min weights, 25 min swim
Fri- Spin class (on deck)
Saturday- Yoga, 6 mile run (on deck)

For those of you that live in the Boston area, I bet you are a little surprised to see that we ventured out to the gym today! Instead of driving we took the bus, the T, and then an UberX ride back. That pool was calling my name, and pulled my butt off of the couch!

Speaking of which, today's pool workout was just as difficult as my Cardio Sculpt class was! For all of you strict runners out there, I am highly encouraging you to add other forms of cross training into your running diet, so that you can improve endurance, strength, and athleticism.  I'm no expert, but I bet you anything I can improve my running speed because I'm reducing risk of injury and maintaining fitness by cross-training. Well, at least that's the goal. Fingers crossed.

(You can thank me for this wonky eye photo later.)

Interested as to why cross-training is beneficial to you as a runner? An article on Competitor online discusses the importance of cross-training days during your training cycle.  You can find it, by clicking on the link here. 

When Chris and I got home, I made sure to foam roll for a few minutes before taking a shower.  Never heard of a foam roller? Well its circular chunk of foam that you roll your body over, in order to get the kinks out.  Its the single most important piece of exercise and recovery equipment that you will ever own, in order to prevent injury. You can buy one here, at Amazon...for $18.00.  Yes, it sounds a little kooky to pay that much for foam, but I'm telling you, its worth it. can officially tell you why you need it and how it helps both. Go ahead, click on this article! It doesn't bite. I'll even give you a photo of one of my legs foam rolling away (with a beautiful Zensah compression sleeve).

Its almost the weekend and thanks to the snow, I have yet another snow day! 

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