Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2 of officially official training

First off....love this SONG! Add it to your playlist! Ahhhhhh! Usher-More.

Secondly, I'm on day 2 of training, which included a 25 minute run.  I'm proud to say that with all of the training I've done, I'm running a faster pace, minus almost getting knocked out by the garbage man throwing a bag of garbage LITERALLY right in front of ME (it was bad enough to make every car watching it crack up laughing.  I wish I had a camera that seriously followed me around.  I would be a sitcom.) as well as when in my last 8/10 of mile 3, I ran straight up hill, into the direction of the wind.  At one point, it nearly knocked me over!  Oh those southie antics!
My splits looked like this on my unofficial Southie February 8th 5k!

Mile 1- 8:08
Mile 2- 8:02
Mile 3- 8:21 (garbage man, wind, and uphill)
Mile .10- 8:13

I've only used my garmin twice so far, thanks to Boston turning into Canada.  Oh well.  Here's the map of my run!  I didn't connect the whole thing because I decided to stop right at the 25 minute mark and my 5k time.  Why push it?  The training is set up the way it is for a reason!  Now if we could only curtail my appetite....

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