Friday, May 6, 2011

What a pain in the butt

And hips. Ok, I'm done now, so I'm updating the post.  I had some butt/hip pain this week, and noticed it slowly becoming more and more of an issue since my 16 miler.  It wasn't the 16 miles that killed me, I think it was the 16 miles then driving (while obviously in a seated position) for 3 hours to new york state.

I was becoming a little concerned, because, man, my butt hurt!  I did a little research and decided I could potentially be developing Piriformis Syndrome, which is described in more detail in this article of Running Times (although I came up with the title of my post before I read well, I guess the title wasn't thaaat creative.). 

Basically, Piriformis Syndrome is stated as such (care of running times) "You're 12 weeks into your marathon training program: while out on a long run, you develop a sharp pain in your buttocks.  As you continue to run, the pain persists.  Your hamstrings feel tight and even a little sore, though by slowing the pace the symptoms subside a little, and you finish the run.  While sitting at your favorite post-run hangout, there is a tingling sensation in the back of your thigh and calf."  Bingo Bango.  Sounds about right!  I have also noticed my hips being super extratrordinarily tight.  

The solution?  Obviously 1. google it, 2. email Becca, my coach, and 3. go to yoga, pronto!  Becca gave me some tips on how to stretch the area.

For butt exercises stretches, have you tried the tennis ball? Take it to your hip or sit on it and massage out the areas that hurt. Also squats always help as well to strength the muscle- especially one leg squats, holding the position for 30 seconds.

Then of course there is this one: Lie on your back and bend your knees as though you were going to do a sit up. Your feet should be about 2  feet or so away from your butt and about 6 inches apart.  Take your right leg and place it on top of your left. Your right ankle should sit just below your left knee. You will probably feel some stretching in your hips at this point. Reach forward and clasp your hands together a few inches below your knee. (Your right arm goes through the opening you created when you crossed your leg and your left arm goes to the outside) Pull your left knee towards you, you will feel a deep stretch in your right side hip, butt and lower back. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat!!! THIS one will work best for you!

Ahhh, I loved those stretches.  I gave the tennis ball stretch a shot after I finished an all level yoga class.  WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING TO.  Again, yoga just knows how to expose my weakest points.  I'm strong with my hamstrings, but man, I am not as flexible as I should be, especially to prevent injury.  I really really really have a weak core!  I notice this the most when standing on one foot and balancing.  Its just like when Billy from Running Emporium told me that I stand on stability balls all day.  If I had a stronger core, and hip area, my feet wouldn't strain that area so much.

LAUREN get with the program and just strengthen your core already!  But....its so hard! I was at the gym with Olivia last week and was dyiiinnggg when I tried doing crunches.  I don't mind running 16 miles, but crunches make me scream UNCLE!  If I am not into paying for yoga at the South Boston Running Studio, then I need to start thinking about going to the free classes at my gym.

My butt and hips seriously feel so much better thanks to yoga and the quick toning up I did in that time! (Also, I suggest not doing Yoga in your cocktail dress.  You can try, like I did here, and fail miserably.  You could also be awesome at it.  Either or. )  RUNNERS.  Please go to yoga.  You can look up some free videos online here at Exercise TV online.

Ok, time for me to get to bed, I have to be up early for the big 20 miles!!!!!!! Wish me luck ahhh. Its the marathon dress rehearsal!  Some words from Becca to get us going on this run:

You've done all the prep and now it's time to show yourself that you are ready for race day. Use this Saturday’s long run as a dress rehearsal for race day. Plan and do everything you want to do for the week leading up to the day. Take some time this week to visualize yourself running the marathon. See yourself having a great time out there on the course kicking butt. :D Also see yourself handling and adjusting to obstacles that might pop up. PLEASE this week, give yourself plenty of TLC. Put YOU first, your family and friends will understand! You are all ready to do this! 20 IS a big number, but really, it’s just a number. Take one mile at a time. You are in GREAT company with each other as well!
One mile at a time, another long run!! ENJOY!! Run for those who can't, and would do anything to be in your shoes!!! 


  1. oh man i love yoga so much. IT IS AMAZING!

  2. Love you Laurenia, dress the heck out of your marathon rehearsal. Or... something like that. KICK BUTT (maybe that'll help the Piflomous Sassafrass)!! You'll be fine! :)

  3. Hey, I am one of your new followers! Good luck on your 20 miler. You'll do just fine. Happy running!!



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