Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Mizuno Wave Precisions

Since my marathon days are long gone, and the mileage and months have passed, I've taken some time to think about what shoe I should move into next.  I loved my Asics Gel Kayanos for marathon training, however I know they are a bit too heavy for lighter training and shorter distances.  Low and behold, I discovered the Mizuno Wave Precision 11 shoes.

Although I realize that a later version has come out of the shoe, I looked up some specs and discovered that there were only minor touch ups.  Thus, making the 11's much more affordable, especially when one has a $25 Amazon Coupon she received back in 2006!  Woah. Woah. Woah. Hold the phone. As I was writing this post, I realized that Running Warehouse has them even cheaper for $60!!!  And free shipping!

ANYWAYYY> before I got to try out my new little precious's, I had to get through a day of adventure camp...and look what the cat dragged in.

A day full of rollerblading! (By the way, due to inclement weather, tomorrow I'll be heading to an indoor water park, ha!) Because I work with 12-13 year olds, I had to follow the counselor code of honor (I made this up) that you must always be weird, yet always be a role model. Thus, we have a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and sweet rainbow socks.  My co-counselor Jen also rocked this look!

Awesome.  So after a day full of lessons around my good ol' South Boston Castle Island, I got home and felt the opposite of good.  I felt bad, real bad. Like cranky, headache, tired bad.  The run didn't look feasible.

Yet, I persevered. Hollllaa!!! Something inside of me was like. LAUREN. Get out there and RUN!  You have to test out these new Mizuno's and see if they are worth the penny that bought them! 

Then I ran. 

The Mizuno Wave Precisions are a training/racing shoe.  They are light, they are airy, and in one run I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt.  Although my 3.5 mile run was at an 8:30 pace, slower than some other runs, I felt AWESOME.  There are a neutral runner's shoe, although someone with a little bit of a later overpronation in their foot strike, such in moi, benefits from a tiny bit of stability which the Mizuno's certainly provide despite the lighter feel. Obviously not the stability of a marathon shoe, but I don't need shoes to keep my feet happy and healthy for 26.2 miles.  More like, 13.1. 

(BT dubbs. My pacing was slower because I'm building endurance, thanks in part to reading Cely from Running Off the Reeses' post about the book Run less Run faster.  This girl's got speed.  She ain't got endurance.  YEa yea yea. I know, I'm faster than a lot of other newbie runners, but its no where near where I want my pace to be...Cue Boston Qualifying time.  Years of work will go into that...So right now I'm learning to not run as fast in order to build up my endurance.  I'm tired of my everyday speedwork sesh's.  They donna help NOBODY.)

When I got home, I took off my shoes, and then kissed them.  Mostly because I needed to take a picture.

Little did you know, I was kissing them as I flexed the shoe on my muscle. Well, you might have known because you looked at this blog.  But I digress.

I love the Mizuno Wave Precision running shoes and I hope you do too.

P.s.- Yes this is the exact outfit that Skinny Runner had on. I don't care, I bought it. I'm weak.  She's pretty, and fast, and I want to be TOO.


  1. I just about bought your shoes, but settled on the Asics Gel, they felt better on my achillis. They look awesome on you though, and I am glad they feel great!!

  2. You do know you need to start running in RED SOX!!!

    Love the shoe, now get running and tell us about all the PR that are coming your way...

  3. love the new shoes they are orange that in and of itself would just make me feel fast!

  4. Love the shoes and outfit - i just got the saucony kinvaras and they are light as a feather!

    Just realized Adventure Camp is in my neighborhood? Or at least Castle Island is! Good deals...

  5. DEM we both live in Southie! The camp is based outside of the city but randomly skated in our neighborhood!

  6. You are very sexy. You have NO IDEA what I would do to you if we were dating Lol.



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